Ervuol Isle

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Ervuol Isle is a tiny island in the turbulent Stormy Sea and the summer home of kings in centuries past who also used it as a hidden repository for their most prized pieces of art. Since the kings kept the island secret its location was eventually lost and most art historians assumed it had sunk into the sea until research by Sam Slicker revealed its position. An expedition by the adventurer confirmed Ervuol's existence and led to the recovery of one of history's most beautiful artworks, a bronze statuette of the goddess Etihw Annav.

Ervuol is first described by Henry Haskell in the adventure Lotto's Masterpiece and is named after the real-world Louvre (spelled backwards). Thomas Ferguson mentions the island in A Runcible Cargo, casting it as the capital of the technologically advanced Ervuolian civilization. Artifacts from the culture include an Ervuolian sword, a book titled Manual of Ervuolian Lore, and the eponymous and powerful "runcible cargo".