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Eamon CS, also known by the longer name The Wonderful World of Eamon (C# Branch), is a version of Eamon ported to the C# programming language by developer and adventure author Michael Penner. The project began with a prototype known as Eamon AC released in July 2015; Eamon CS was first released in early 2017.


As of 1 January 2020, Eamon CS includes the following adventures:

Number EW# Title Author
000 Test Adventure Michael Penner
000 268 Demo Adventure Frank Black
001 1 The Beginners Cave Donald Brown
002 140 Beginner's Forest Margaret Anderson
003 195 The Training Ground Charles Hewgley
004 262 The Sub-Aquan Laboratory Michael Penner
005 271 A Runcible Cargo Thomas Ferguson
006 273 Stronghold of Kahr-Dur Derek Jeter
007 23 The Temple of Ngurct James Plamondon, Robert Plamondon
008 121 Wrenhold's Secret Vigil Bob Davis
009 263 The Vile Grimoire of Jaldi'al Michael Penner
010 The Wayfarer's Inn Michael Penner

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