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This is a Class C (bronze star) article.

Power is one of the four magic spells that an adventurer in Eamon can learn. It is an unpredictable spell which creator Donald Brown describes as a "call to the Gods saying, 'hey, do something!'"


The standard Eamon version 7 Main Program, as included with the Eamon Dungeon Designer, includes three effects for the Power spell, randomly determined by a d100 roll:

  • "You hear a very loud sonic boom that echoes through the tunnels." (80% chance)
  • "Your wounds heal!" (10% chance)
  • A monster heals. (10% chance)

Other effects common in Main Programs include:

  • "The section of tunnel you are in collapses and you die."
  • "You are teleported somewhere [randomly] in the dungeon."
  • A monster vanishes.
  • A dead monster comes to life.