Angelo Carvetti

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Angelo Carvetti
Class Human
Occupation Weapons dealer
Affiliation Diablo armory
Julio's weapons shop
Appearances Knight Quest
Eamon Functions

Angelo Carvetti is a human weapons dealer and the operator of an armory in the small town of Diablo on the world of Eamon, introduced by John Nelson in his Knight Quest game system. Like his counterpart Marcos Cavielli in Evenhold, Angelo sells weapons, armor, and shields to adventurers, the weapons being of three different qualities: good, fair, or poor. He will also purchase any weapons adventurers wish to sell.

An individual named Angelo also appears in Bruce Miller's Eamon Functions, an expansion for the standard Main Hall that adds a variety of new features. Turning left out of the Main Hall in Evenhold, the adventurer may go three doors down to meet Angelo, who carries an unusual-looking sword and an iron key which he uses to unlock the gate leading to Julio's weapons shop, suggesting Angelo is one of Julio's colleagues or employees.

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