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The Knight Quest splash screen.

Knight Quest is an enhanced version of Eamon created by John Nelson in 1983. The system, which succeeded the earlier Eamon II created by Nelson with help from Bob Davis and Jon Heng, adds a number of features including many new magical spells and artifact types and support for professions, races, and languages.


Nelson created three adventures for the Knight Quest system:

All three were later converted into standard Eamon adventures. The system also has its own master which includes programs for players to create and manage their adventurers.


Nelson wrote many utilities for Knight Quest, a few of which were included on the master:

  • Display Characters: lists adventurers on the master in either a compact table form (showing name, race, class, level, and number of missions) or detailed form giving the full characteristics of each adventurer.
  • Generate Characters: steps the player through the process of creating a new character.
  • Transfer Character
  • Kill Character: "assassinates" an adventurer and removes it from the disk

Two additional utility diskettes flesh out Nelson's "Knight Quest Customization System". The first gives players the following options:

  • Resurrect an adventurer
  • Modify an adventurer
  • Maintain stores file
  • Change titles
  • Change town marshal
  • Reload store inventory
  • Maintain system parameters
  • Create new formats file
  • Change character file length
  • Change rooms file length
  • Print stock listings
  • Poison Analyzer, for finding poisoned food artifacts in an adventure
  • Mumbles File Maintenance, for editing a phrases file on the master disk.

The second utility diskette is identified as "L.U.R.C. Maintenance" (named for "Language", "Useful", "Race", and "Class") and allows the user to add, remove, or edit items from lists used by the Knight Quest master:

  • Languages
  • Artifact types
  • Adventurer races
  • Adventurer classes
  • Spells
  • Artifact record formats

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