Abbra Kadabra

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This is a Class A (gold star) article.
Not to be confused with Abby Cadabra.
Abbra Kadabra
Class Human
Occupation Wizard
Affiliation Magicks Shoppe in Diablo
Appearances Knight Quest

Abbra Kadabra is the proprietor of "Ye Olde Magicks Shoppe" in the small town of Diablo on the world of Eamon, created by John Nelson as part of the Knight Quest master disk. Described as a "venerable old wizard", Abbra performs a similar function to Hokas Tokas in Eamon, teaching adventurers how to cast various spells in exchange for gold. Adventurers can also pay for Abbra to remove specific spells from their memory if they need space to learn new ones.

The character's surname as shown on the utilities disk is spelled Kadabbra.