Duchy of Grunewalde

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This article is about the duchy and town. For the adventure, see Grunewalde.
Regional map from the Eamon Gazetteer

Grunewalde (pronounced grune´-vall-deh) is the name of a small, mountainous duchy east of Evenhold on the world of Eamon, and is also the name of its only major town. It is the setting of the 1986 Eamon adventure Grunewalde by Pat Hurst and is described in Hurst's Eamon Gazetteer.


The town of Grunewalde lies a number of miles east of Evenhold in the Jarlschlager Range, at the end of a spur of the Great East Road, and is mostly dedicated to mining and extracting precious metals and gems. The nearest settlement outside the duchy is Belvarus where ore from the mines is often sent.

The duchy is the hereditary domain of the de Lupus family. Its currency is the walder which circulates as gold, silver, and copper coins.

It's unclear if the duchy acts a sovereign state of its own or is a subordinate part of the Kingdom of Evenhold.


  • The word grunewalde means "green forest" in German.
  • Hurst may have drawn inspiration for certain aspects of Grunewalde from Luxembourg, a real-world duchy that contains the large forest of Grünewald.