The War of the Ring

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Tolkien's The War of the Ring

The War of the Ring is a series of Eamon adventures written by Sam Ruby based on characters and settings from the fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien. All four adventures were released together in January 1987 and take place in Middle-earth at the same time as Ruby's earlier three-part series, The Lord of the Rings.

The adventures in the series are:

  1. The Hunt for the Ring. The wizard Gandalf dispatches you on a mission to find the One Ring before it falls into the hands of the Dark Lord, a journey that takes you from the Shire west to the Grey Havens and east to Rivendell.
  2. Quest of Erebor. A party of Dwarves engages you and your friend Bilbo Baggins to help them reclaim their ancestral home in the mountain of Erebor from the clutches of the dragon Smaug.
  3. Return to Moria. Having passed through Moria once before (in The Mines of Moria), you and your companions now return, both to collect mithril to repair the gates of Minas Tirith and also to locate the legendary Dwarf king Durin the Deathless who is rumored to be sleeping somewhere in the mountain.
  4. Haradwaith. You accept a mission from the King of Gondor to cross the southern desert, infiltrate the kingdom of Harad, and spy on the Haradrim at Umbar to learn about their war plans and the fleet they're assembling.

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