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Eamon adventure walkthroughs written by author Jared Davis.





Jared Davis


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Escape from the Orc Lair

This Eamon is actually very simple, and has many secret passages discovered by LOOK, but as soon as you find them, you go through them immediately!

LOOK around first of all. Ah, you go DOWN! Now find a "T-intersection E-W & N." LOOK to go south. ATTACK SNARG and FLARG.

Go on South, West, and Up to find Corondol. Go Down and West. ATTACK BORK and CORK. Go South, South, South, and ATTACK the GIANT PIKE. Go South, East, and GET the RUBY. Go East to a big battle. Eugene may or not become a companion. Go East when all the enemy orcs are dead. Here are more orcs! Mork may become a companion.

Go North, East, and GET the CRYSTAL. Go East, and LOOK to go North.GET the COINS. Go South.

Go East, South, and ATTACK the enemy orcs. Go South, West, and ATTACK Klorg, Blorg, Mortimer, and Ferdinand. Go West, South, LOOK to get out! You can finish now or go back inside. I suggest leaving.

Thanks a lot!

The Mines of Moria

You start on a path south of the Main Hall. You can go back, but if you did, you might as well not have started at all! Go South, but not South again. There are quite a few instant death traps, and this is the first. Remember that this is Sam's first EAMON adventure. Early EAMON adventures had a lot.

Go East. ARGH! A dead end? Come on? Let's take a closer LOOK! A door! OPEN it! Oh, you can't! EXAMINE the DOOR! Yes! READ the WRITING! SAY "MY FRIEND." Go East again!

Get the Staff and Light it. Go East. Go South and LOOK. Get the Key. Go North and East. Here is a four-way intersection. To the north are some spiders. If you're aching for some stuff to kill, go ahead. But, other than that, there is nothing there. Go South. And South again! Okay, four orcs. Time to get your weapon!

ATTACK the ORCs. If you're strong enough, you should come out with minimal damage. If not, make use of the HEAL spell. Go West. Okay, here is a SERGEANT, LIEUTENANT, and an ARCHER. Get the Orc-brew when you've finished them off. Yes, it's a healing potion. You can also take their weapons. You can sell them when you get back to the Main Hall.

LOOK. Examine the desk. Open it. Get the key. Head back to the intersection. Go East twice. A gate and a crack. One of the keys you found will open it. (I'm not sure which one.) Go North a couple of times to meet a TROLL! Now to get some compadres! Go East and ATTACK the GUARDS. FREE the DWARF. It's Gimli! Go West twice to ATTACK some URUK HAI GUARDS. FREE the WIZARD. Ah, Gandalf! Head back to that crack.

JUMP over the crack! Go East! To the south is an army of ants protecting a box. Kill them and ATTACK the BOX until it opens. (There may be a key, but I never found it, or used it for this purpose.) When the box shatters, OPEN it to GET some DIAMONDS. (No use in the game, but worth mucho dinero when you return to the Main Hall.) Go North and JUMP over the trap door! (If you go east, you fall in. But it's easy to get back out. Just go UP!)

ATTACK the BAT. Go no further EAST, unless you want to die. Go North, and LOOK for a keyhole in the wall. INSERT the GOLD KEY and PULL the LEVER. I don't think Tolkien would've made an elevator, but it's okay. Go Down and East, and don't go south. It seems to be the pit from...upstairs? Go East and LOOK.

Go East and ATTACK the BOA, RATTLER, and COBRA. Get the Mining Tools. Exit and go South. Go East and head to the south. Hmm, a noise. Maybe you oughta turn back....

OR GO SOUTH TO MEET A DRAGON! ATTACK IT! ATTACK IT! ATTACK IT! Whew! You might survive if you're pretty strong! (Faints.)

LOOK for the ARKENSTONE and GET ALL. (You can't move the dragon.) Head back to the s/e/w intersection. Go East and OPEN the GATE. Go North. ATTACK those LIZARDs! (In my game, I only had to kill two. Gimli and Gandalf finished off the last one. Go EAST and MINE. GET the GEMS. Go back West and go North. If you want, you can go East and MINE to uncover a giant worm. Only if you wanna kill something!

LOOK. Go WEST. EXAMINE the PILLAR. Do you think something goes in that depression? It must be made be a dwarf, so it must be a dwarvish item. Hmm, what do you have that's dwarvish and only one piece? The ARKENSONE. INSERT it. READ the WORDS. (And you can get the Arkenstone back!) SAY NOW. Go West and LOOK. GET the KEY. OPEN the BOX to get DURIN'S AXE.

If you want to wake Durin, play the sequel, "RETURN TO MORIA."

Head back to the mines. Go North. MINE to go North. There is no turning back here. Be sure you've done everything above. Okay. Go East, East, and ATTACK the KRAKEN. Go Down and ATTACK the SHARK. (What is a shark doing in a subterranean river?) Go East, East, and DOWN. OPEN the GATE. Go East. To the north and south are orcs with names. No items. The same when you go East. Go East again.

Once again, only enemies to the north and south. Go East twice. DON'T go south. It starts a path leading to a death trap. Go EAST. ATTACK the OLOG and URUK. GET the NECKLACE. Go West, and North. ATTACK the VAMPIRE. (Note: Vampires are part of Middle-earth! Read "Silmarillion!") Go North to meet an orc named CLUMSY. (Whenever I played, Clumsy became a companion.)

Go East and ATTACK the ORC PATROLMAN. Go East and ATTACK HANK. Go East and ATTACK AZOG. GET SKULLCLEAVER and the bag of GOLD. Congratulations! You've just avenged Thror! Now you'll have to JUMP over the crack to the South. Continue South.

Go East onto the Bridge of Khazad-dum. A Balrog!

Let me tell you right now, there is no point in trying to kill him. Remember the book? Or that movie from 2001? BLAST the BALROG! The bridge collapses and the Balrog goes bye-bye! Continue East twice out of Moria. Go North and climb Down. Go East.

Try to OPEN the GATE. No good. What does it mean "It will open when you approach?" Go East. Oof! Can't do that? Maybe a word can open it! But what? What have you had since the beginning? No, it's not your weapons! READ the LETTER. SAY ELBERETH. Go East.

Welcome to Lothlorien. You can go North to a tavern, but there's nothing but an interesting room description. You can't get the drink they give you. Go South (twice from the tavern) to meet an elf who wants to exchange gifts. Sounds good. Now, how do you exchange? What's another word for exchange? No, it's not GIVE! (Won't do you any good anyway.) The word is TRADE! TRADE with him for PURE LEMBAS and a WOODEN CARVING. GET ALL of them. Now go North and East.

Hey, Galadriel! She must be the person you GIVE the LETTER to! So, GIVE the LETTER TO GALADRIEL! She sends you back to the Main Hall.

The Forest of Fear

Head on East into the forest. Hmm, singing to the East? Go on! Uh-oh, a battle! Two orc patrolmen and two wargs! Attack 'em. Get their weapons if you wish. They will sell for cash back in the Main Hall. Go on East. More sounds to the East? Go on East again and climb Up the trees. Ah, you meet Legolas! He's a new companion, armed with a bow and arrows. I might as well tell you now, you CANNOT heal your companions. Go ahead Down out of the tree. Go South.

Go East and South until you run into some spiders. Attack them and head South to fight some more. Get their hoarde of treasure. Go South again to run into a bear! Attack it and do a quick look. Get the ring. Go all the way back to where you were at the beginning of the paragraph. (It's easy, go North until you can go no further, then go West.)

Let's head West! We're combing Mirkwood! Go West until you meet the Biker Scout. (Hmm, "Lucas is gonna owe me overtime for this screw-up?" I'm not familiar with Star Wars, so I wouldn't know.) Go West and South. Go East until you can go South. You will meet Treebeard, quite a good companion. Get the ent-draught. Comb to the East.

Go South into the lake to attack a Kraken. Go East to fight more Spiders. Go South.

Attack the spider. Comb to the west, attacking any enemies along the way. When you've gone as far as you can, go South twice to cross the bridge. Head South a couple of times to fight some Wargs. After beating them, head North twice. Comb to the East, attacking all enemies along the way. When you've gone as far as you can, go West and Up.

Attack the Fell Beasts. Go Down and East. Go South twice to meet a dragon. Attack it. (You have to beat it.) Go South and you will be outside Dol Guldur.

Go South and attack Draugluin. Go West into Dol Guldur. The door locks behind you. Look for a torch and light it. Go West into the hallway.

Go Up the stairs. Attack the bat swarm. Go North and Up. Attack the wight. Get the chest (you don't have the key yet) and go Down and South twice. Go Up and attack the wight. Get the chest. Look and read the writing on the wall. Go Down and North. Go back Down the stairs.

Go East to the entrance. Go North and West and attack some orcs! Go West and attack some Uruks. Free the warg pack to fight them. Head back to the entrance and go South. Go as far West as you can. Go back East and look for a key. Go West and look for a passage Down. Go that way.

Follow the tunnel to some stairs and go Down. Go West and attack the enemies. Go West twice to find...

...The Lord of the Nazgul, the Black Captain. Attack him. After he's dead, get everything, but do NOT eat the magic food. It is poison. Head back to the intersection and go South twice and attack the troll. There is only one cell to visit, and that is the one to the west. Attack the guard. Get the whip and key. Head back the four-way intersection. (E/N/N)

Open the gate and go North twice and kill the slaver. Head north and fight the guard. Get the chain and free the ranger, who is Aragorn. Head ALL the way back to Dol Guldur's entrance. Open the door.

Wait! Remember those chests you got upstairs? Open them and get everything inside of them. (And them as well. If the key doesn't work, drop the chests and attack them until they shatter.) Head East out of Dol Guldur. Head South twice.

Before leaving, loot the cave to the East. Then leave the cave and go South. Congratulations!

The Ring of Doom

You start in Ithilien. Check the vocabulary. Uh-oh! No SAVE! This means if you die, you'll have to resurrect your character in the Main Hall and start at the beginning. Now check your inventory. Shards of a sword called Narsil that can be reforged...somewhere, the One Ring, some Lembas (Healing item), a flask (for what?), your weapon(s) and gold pieces. Okay, let's get started.

Go South a couple times to meet Gollum. He should become a companion. Try to keep him alive. Now, LOOK around. A secret passage west! Let's go!

Cool, a secret cave! Let's go through the door. Okay, now that you've met the Rangers of Ithilien, they want you to meet their leader. Go UP the stairs. Faramir should join you. Go back to Gollum's Pool. Now South.

A couple of Haradan scouts. Well, let's get busy! ATTack the HARADAN SCOUTs. They should die quickly if you and weapon are good enough. Get their weapons if you want. You can sell them when you get back to the Main Hall. Continue South. When you meet more enemies, ATTack them, too. When they are dead, LOOK for a passage East.

But is there anything to the south? Yes! A Mumak, who, even if you have a "super weapon," takes a bit to kill, and some more Haradan Warriors. They will drop nice items when dead. You can go south once from there, but any further will take you into the desert, where you die.

Anyhow, now for the passage East. Go East, South, and UP the stairs. Now go further UP. Go South. The entrance to Cirith Ungol is to the East. Let's go!

Ooh, kind of dark. Do you have a torch? No? Neither do I. Head back west, and do another Inventory. What IS that flask for, anyway? EXAMINE it.


Say "GITHONEIL A ELBERETH." Yes! A light source! Now go in. Go East to where two Uruk sentries wait. ATTack them. Go East.

Four way intersection. Go South to meet Sam, who has a friend he has to rescue from "that tower!" He's a great companion. You can go North a couple times to a storage room, but all that's there is some junk, a secret passage east when you look, and in there is garbage and some empty chests. Oh, and a LOOK around reveals some gold. Worth money at the end, and it's worth it. Go back to the intersection and continue East.

ATTack the SERGEANT and the ORCS. Go North, East, South. Hmm, South leads to a giant spider named Shelob. Kill her. Go North, then East.

A blocked tunnel? You sure? LOOK! Go UP.

Now go East, to run into a BIG battle. ATTack Gorbag, then the Orcs. GET ALL. Go East, East, Down, North, ATTack the PATROL.

Go W, say "AIYA ELENION ANCALIMA." Go W, W, ATTack the Guards. Go N and ATTack all the enemies there. GET ALL. Go South, then UP.

ATTack the ORCs. LOOK. Go South. REFORGE NARSIL! GET ANDURIL! Go North, North, Up, ATTack the Lieutenant and the ORCs. Go South. Go Up. ATTack the ORCS. It is likely some of your companions will be killed. LOOK and go UP. ATTack SHAGRAT. FREE the HOBBIT. Here's Frodo! Backtrack out of the Tower.

Uh-oh! The Watchers won't let you leave! Repeat "AIYA ELENION ANCALIMA." Go East, East, North, North, ATTack the TROLLs. Go WEST, North, Up, ATTack the Nazgul.

Go Up, East, South, South, West, North. ATTack the Witch King. Get his crown. Go Up. Gollum bites off your finger and grabs the Ring. He falls in the Crack of Doom! The Ring is destroyed! You mission is over! You are returned to the Main Hall.

There's more Nazgul and some Variags to battle, but I side-stepped those.

Assault on Dolni Keep

Although this can be one of the hardest EAMON adventures out there, when I finally solved it, I realized how simple it was! Obviously the true mark of a great EAMON adventure!

Oh, and this is ONE way to finish, not necessarily the best. Probably the best is the one where you get rescued. However, I took so long finding THIS way to finish, I'm not even going to bother!

Now for the solution...

Go east. There is no way I know of to keep Gorim from falling or getting the tinder, flint, or torch from him. But it doesn't matter. Climb down and meet with Gorim. Head north until you reach the Keep Wall. Then head east twice. You can scale the wall! So go up.

Attack the orc sentry. Go west. Hm, Galehir is very good with a bow. Continue west to the grate and go down. Clinging onto the grate, go east to the riverbank. See, you didn't even have to get wet! Go east behind the wagon. Go ahead north into the Keep.

Wow, you've made it into the Keep and didn't raise an alarm. But quickly dispatch of these guards! Head north twice and get the torch off of the wall. Head south and east. Answer yes to the question. Go east again and dispatch the six orcs here. Light the torch. Head back to the main passageway. Go north three times. Cross the bridge to the west.

Here's something that I suggest you do now. Get the keystone. Destroy the bridge. (And Gorim approves!) Continue west into the oval room, which is so large, it counts as two. So go to the west side of it.

FROMIR!!! And an evil orc, so dispatch of him, and do NOT flee! Free Fromir and get all. Give Fromir his ring.

Now to escape! Head east and drop the rack. Go up! Now to set the rack on fire! Drop the straw and light it! Go up!

Follow the crack until it comes to an ewud. (East, west, up, and down intersection.) Go down, it's the only way! Follow the fissure south. You can go down to an area you've already been to, or wander around. The point is to get out, so go down. You're back in the room where you lit the torch. So, carefully go in reverse all the way back to the beginning and go down! You'll win!

It looks as if your reward depends on HOW you managed your adventure. In this solution, you get 5000 gold pieces.

Okay, getting out, I'll simply sum it up in easy directions. w/w/w/s/w/s/u/u/e/e/e/s/yes/w/w/s/look/u/w/d

Quest of Erebor

First of all, here are some notes:

When you get into a battle, some of the dwarves will sometimes run away. You can COUNT them to see who's missing. In order to find them, go in any direction from the scene of battle. COUNT DWARVES to see if they're back. If not, go back to the scene of battle and try another direction. There are supposed to be thirteen dwarves: THORIN, BALIN, DWALIN, BIFUR, BOFUR, the infamously fat BOMBUR, NORI, ORI, DORI, FILI, KILI, GLOIN, and OIN. (What a mouthful!)

The Woodman who you can rescue and Beorn are not important to get, but they are nice to have in combat.

There are extra battles to be fought outside the Lonely Mountain. None are important, but if you take the WAIN in the northernmost battle, it's worth quite a bit when you return to the Main Hall.

Now for the solution...

After the long list of the dwarves, you will see that one member of your company isn't here. Bilbo. He's over to the east. Please note that if you go west here, you end the game.

Now go East, and you will find BILBO and a DOE. Also note that instead of listing all the dwarves, it just says "The Dwarves are here." As far as I know, the doe is of no use, nor is it harmful, so leave it alone.

Go North a couple times to meet BEORN. SAY HELLO or SAY HELP, and he will follow you. Or attack you.

Now go South. And then East into the forest. You will immediately meet two wargs and three orcs. I suggest ATTACKing the WARGs first. After they're dead, ATTACK the ORCs. After they're dead, look around for any missing dwarves. Head East from the scene of battle to...

...go to another one. A warg is attacking a poor guy. So, ATTACK this WARG. Now, TAKE the WOUNDED MAN. You can go South, then East, to a village where a woodman is. GIVE WOUNDED MAN to the WOODMAN, and you have a new ally! Now, go back West, North, then West to the scene of your first battle.

Head North for another battle with a BUNCH of ORCs. Oh, and three WARGs. Attack either the WARGs or the ORCs first. When you're done, probably a lot of dwarves have run off, and many of your companions have been injured.

Well, you can only go East, South, and North. Go South and North first to pick up any dwarves that ran off, and then go East. Go East again, and you meet a BEAR you have to ATTACK. Now, head North, then East. Here is the infamous black river. Go South and LOOK for a BOAT. TAKE the BOAT. Go East. In the boat some of the dwarves will fall in the river, so you have to TAKE ALL of the sleeping dwarves. Then head East, and WAIT until all the sleepyheads wake up. Then head North.

Head East to lose ALL the dwarves. Go South, ATTACK all the SPIDERs, LOOK, get the SHOVEL, then head South and kill all the spiders. Go East and kill the spiders here. Get Sting and DIG and GET the HOARD. Go West and North twice. LOOK for a secret passage East to get into the Elvenking's Halls.

Head East. further east, the Elvenking is partying. But, nothing important there. Unless you want the ELVEN KING'S TREASURE. But then, that'll make 'em mean. It might be wiser to...leave it be... If you did go, go back West. LOOK for a way Down.


Now that you're down here, go East. Unless you took the treasure...

Go east, ignore the elves, go north and have a LOOK around. Get the bottle. (Note: it might not be a good idea to get the barrels...) Go South twice, go Down, go East twice to the end of the hall, then LOOK for a passage Down. Go North, North, then West. PUT the BOTTLE ON the TABLE to get the butler and guard "stoned." LOOK for the TRAP DOOR, then OPEN it. TAKE the KEYS, go East, S, then OPEN DOOR, and go West.

Here's Thorin! He's asleep, but just GET THORIN! Go South, Up, OPEN DOOR, and go North. Here are more dwarves. GET ALL of them! Go South, West, OPEN DOOR, North, GET ALL of the dwarves here, South, West, OPEN DOOR, N, GET ALL the other dwarves, then go South, then Up, then North a couple of times and TAKE BARRELS. OPEN BARRELS, and PUT THORIN IN BARREL. The rest of the dwarves will follow suit, as will Bilbo. Go back to the platform with the (now open) trap door and DROP BARRELS, then go Down.

Go East three times and OPEN the BARRELS. Go East into Lake Town. Go North to meet Bard. You can give the Northmen some money to join you. Go South and East twice to get to the Desolation of Smaug.

Now the important thing is to get inside the Mountain and kill Smaug. You can just go North from here until you get there. There are other things to do as well, though, so I will go into those.

Go East to meet three SAGATH warriors. Dispatch of them. Go North into Dorwinion. You can get some grapes here. Go North again to get some presents from the Dorwinion people. You can also hire one of them, but not the other one, unless the other one is killed. If you try to hire both, the first one you hired will always get the gold. Go North a few times to fight some WAINRIDERS. I suggest ATTACKing their CAPTAIN first. Here LOOK and go East twice to meet Dain and his army. You can keep going North and fight some BALCHOTH, then go West.

There are two ways to enter the Mountain. There's the main entrance and the secret side door.

MAIN ENTRANCE From here you can go back Down, East, South, South, and West to get to the main entrance. Go North twice to enter the Mountain. Go North and Up. Go North and LOOK for a passage West. GET ALL the things in here. Exit and go North. SAVE here! Go North to meet SMAUG!

SECRET DOOR From the Far North, go as far West as possible. ATTACK the ARMY of Orcs and Wargs. Go South and Up the Mountain. Look and go Up. Look for the key. (Get it!) WAIT three times and PUT the KEY into the HOLE. Go East and Down to meet SMAUG!

Here is a bug that sometimes happens. It will prevent you from leaving or FLEEing. After Smaug is dead, leave, then go back. For some reason, doing a LOOK here before leaving the first time will make the program think Smaug is still alive. You cannot FLEE Smaug, and you cannot leave a room with enemies in it.

ATTACK SMAUG. After he is dead, go South to avoid the bug. Go back North and LOOK for the ARKENSTONE and GET it. Head back to the bridge. PUT the PLANKS on the BRIDGE. Go West twice to return to the Main Hall.

The Bridge of Catzad-Dum

READY KATANA. Go Down and go East until you get to CATZAD-DUM. ATTACK the Gardener in the Water. GET the clippers and the hand. LOOK and READ the inscription. Hmmm, what does "AYS-AY EOWM-AY NDA-AY NTERE-AY" mean? Rearrange the letters in "EOWM" and SAY the Word it makes. Go North until you get to the stairwell.

Go down. Hmm, a smell of pork? Go north to fight some porks. (Get it? Orcs+P=Porcs, hard "C"=K, Porcs=Porks!) Get the Axe and sword. Go east twice and south. Get the books. READ them if you want. Go east twice to the theological department. Get the book and read it to discover the true nature of these cats. Go North and kill the Pork. Get the Sword. Go back West to the intersection where tou killed your first porks.

Go North and West. Kill the Pork and get the tire iron. Go Down. Go Down. Go Down. Hmm, "An elf, a dwarf and an adventurer much like yourself pass through. They ignore you completely, as they seem to be intent on some 'Thror's ring' or something." Oh, well. Go Down.

"WELLINGSD-AY FO-AY HET-AY ICHR-AY." Go West three times. Go North and kill the perverse pork. Get the bicycle chain. Go North and READ the inscription: "Tickss-ay nda-ay toness-ay aym-ay reakb-ay ym-ay onesb-ay, utb-ay hipsw-ay nda-ay hainsc-ay xcitee-ay em-ay." Leave and go West. Go down to meet Sam Ruby. Don't bother with him. Go Down and kill the Pork. Get his bicycle chain. Go South until you find a mummified cat. You can get it. Go South. To the East is more mummified stuff and a scratching post. Go South and Up. Go South until you run into the Fellowship of the Ring.

(An old man, all dressed in grey with a great beard, walks in, carrying a gnarled old staff emitting a bluish glow. Not noticing you he shouts behind himself, "It's OK guys!" Then with a flurry of many feet, 8 other people of various races enter. There are two other men, an elf, a dwarf and four short little furry-footed fellows. One of the men says to the greybeard, "Damn it all. I told you we should have taken a right at the Burger Ki--", breaking suddenly as he notices you. The others turn and examine you with surprise. The old greybeard says, "Don't worry about him. He's just another one of those Dungeons and Dragons toe suckers." With that, they turn and walk off.) Go South and Down. Go East, despite the smell of Porks. Read the Funny message!

(Looking up the hole you see a bluish glow and hear several voices, and presently a tiny head and shoulders are silhouetted against the dim glow. All of a sudden you hear a hollow whistle and a pebble clangs off from your helm.

Angered, you growl and ready your weapon, and notice the silhouetted figure is gone. Echoing down the hole, you hear the angry thundering voice of the old man. "You little bastard!" he screams. "That's the last rock you throw on this trip!" With that a struggle is silhouetted and you see a tiny body falling faster and faster towards you. Ducking out of the way, you note it was one of the four furry-footed fellows, as he splatters in a burst of crimson, thoroughly plastering the walls with gore.)

Go North and Up.

(As you poke your head up out of the hole in the floor, an entire troop of porks, at least 30 of the pig-snouted horrors, push past you. Ducking into the alcove, you examine them. They wear byrnies of scale or chain mail and plated thigh guards, and carry Schmeisser submachineguns. On their belts are bicycle chains, tire irons, and potato masher grenades. On their helmets crouch iron frogs tipping top hats; and on each link or scale of their mail is engraved "Porky, the all-wise and most compassionate". Their leader, the foremost, wears a banner mounted on his back reading "Your pearls or your life". None notice you, even for your glowing hand, they are too intent on stroking their Schmeissers. And then, they pass on down the hall towards some grisly chamber.)

Attack the Porks. Get their weapons. Continue East, killing Porks and getting their weapons. You get to Fugu. Kill his gunners, then his porks. The b'aalhop appears! GET ALL, then ATTACK the B'AALHOP! Attack more gunners! Attack those porks! Get All and go East across the Bridge. Attack the bridge. Ready a sword and go East to meet Fugu! Attack him, then type DEFLECT. He should kill himself. If not, ATTACK HIM. Go South to leave.

After selling your weapons, you will see this message: As you are about to leave this strange land of Middle-West, you meet a stranger group of travellers. You recognize the seven bedraggled figures as the group you passed in Catzad-Dum.

You notice the old man is missing, and out of curiosity ask what became of him.

The elf says, "He did not survive, as he fell into the shadow..." He quickly is interrupted by one of the men, who bitterly mutters, "It was his own damn fault. We should have taken a right at the Burger King!"

You bid them farewell and sail for the Main Hall via the Bay of Belfalas, the Gulf of Lune, and the Panama Canal.