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This is a Class A (gold star) article.
Portrait by DALL-E 2 and Huw Williams
Class Human?
Affiliation Guild of Free Adventurers
Appearances The Beginners Cave
Enhanced Beginner's Cave
The Beginner's Forest
Beginner's Cave II

The Warlord is a character mentioned in the introductions to some beginner-level adventurers, though many details about him are uncertain.

Function Within the Guild

The only known mentions of the Warlord are in the introductions to the beginner caves, in which it is mentioned that he keeps them daily stocked with loot and monsters. Where he gets either commodity from is unknown, or if he pays the various pirates, evil priests and sentient villains who are found in the beginner areas, though it is possible such villains congregate of their own accord to steal treasures and kidnap damsels such as the ballerina and Cynthia who are accordingly rescued by adventurers from the Guild.

It is also likely that the Warlord is the employer of William Misslefire, and may in fact be involved in running the Guild, perhaps occupying a similar position when it comes to military matters as Hokas Tokas does on magical ones. However, since he has never appeared in person in an Eamon adventure, no details about him can be certain.

Indeed rather than him being a benevolent Guild member, it is equally possible that the Warlord is merely a bandit chieftain who is stupid enough to keep using the beginner areas as bases for his operations, despite being repeatedly defeated and robbed by Guild members, and that the toast made to him by starting adventurers is an ironic one.


The Warlord is mentioned in the intros to all beginner areas except Rick Volberding's Alternate Beginners Cave, however beyond these he has been referenced in no further adventures, making him one of the most elusive figures in Eamon lore, especially for someone who has been around since the very beginning.


The Warlord is technically the first non-player character outside the Main Hall ever created in Eamon, first introduced in Donald Brown's intro to The Beginners Cave. However, since most other authors of beginner areas merely copied some or all of this intro, information about who the Warlord is or what relation he bears to the Guild is simply not known.

Super Eamon describes the guild as being led by a "Guild Master" who keeps the Beginners Cave stocked, a job Donald Brown attributes to the Warlord.