The Pyramid of Anharos

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The Pyramid of Anharos
Eamon adventure #126
Author Pat Hurst
Released January 1987
Revised 15 March 1992
EAG number 126
EDX number 06-02
EDX set The Pat Hurst Adventures
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
Files Eamon 126 - The Pyramid of Anharos.dsk
Eamon 126 - The Pyramid of Anharos (ProDOS).dsk

The Pyramid of Anharos is an Eamon adventure written by Pat Hurst and released in January 1987.


This adventure is one of several by Hurst that share the settings and lore he describes in his Eamon Gazetteer, a document that lists important people, places, artifacts, and deities of the world of Eamon.


A magical, hand-shaped storm cloud forms over Evenhold and the temple's high priest declares that it's the result of grave robbers desecrating the tomb of an ancient and beloved king. The tomb, a pyramid located deep in the Desert of Terza, holds the remains of Anharos, a wise king of old who wielded the powers of the priceless Diamond of Purity to keep the forces of evil in check.

The tomb must be restored and the diamond recovered if Eamon is to survive. You take the mission and set out for the desert.

Full introduction

You are enjoying a quiet tankard of ale in the Main Hall when you notice that it is getting dark outside. This normally wouldn't bother anyone but it's only 9 o'clock in the morning. You can hear the cries of a large crowd forming in the square. As you leave the hall to investigate, you see the reason for the consternation. A large black cloud has formed over the town and is sending down jagged bolts of lightning. The frequent flashes show the cloud to be shaped like a giant taloned hand. The crowd surges to the massive temple dominating the end of the square, where they mill about and implore the priests to come forth and repel the evil manifestation.

Just as the crowd is reaching a fever pitch, the bronze doors of the temple swing open and Pindar Rambis, the high priest, appears. His voice rings out over the crowd,

Be afraid, people of Eamon, for the conflict between good and evil is at hand and the evil ones have found new strength. My commune with the spirits has revealed that the tomb of beloved Anharos has been desecrated by grave-robbers. His Diamond of Purity has been stolen! Anharos will reveal the gem when he is made whole again. Woe unto us if his tomb be not restored.

The name of Anharos is known to you. He was an ancient king of Eamon renowned as a good and just man. During his reign the legions of evil were beaten back to the wilderness areas of Eamon and good men prospered. The source of his great power was his Diamond of Purity, a gem of wondrous beauty and infinite value. Legends say that the gem was a gift of the greater god, Alaxar, god of the sun. The gem was entombed with Anharos when he died so that his power could continue to strike at evil from the spirit world. His tomb is a great pyramid lost in the trackless wastes of the Desert of Terza, the Desert of Endless Sorrows.

Terza, the daughter of Alaxar, is the goddess of purification through pain and sacrifice. The desert is her personal domain, but it is inhabited by tribes of desert nomads, the Riffs, reputed to be thieves, slavers, and murderers.

Anyone who could restore the tomb would be deemed the savior of Eamon and amply rewarded. It is the ideal quest for an adventurer of your ilk, big dangers — big treasures. Before you go, however, you might want to hire a desert guide. Do you want a good (G), an average (A), or no (N) guide?

G = You are able to secure the services of Omar, a veteran caravan guide.
A = You find Ali, a camel tender, who claims to be from the desert.
N = Okay, you're on your own.

Remember, your eyes may play tricks on you in the desert. (Mirages?)

This is a 10-direction adventure, i.e., you may go NE, NW, SE, and SW. Commands that have been added that may be new to you include jump, open, put, wear, read, light, swim, and throw. Note that drink is not a command. Water consumption is handled automatically. One warning — your consumption of water is affected by the number of people in your party as well as any heavy armor you are wearing. Good luck! May Alaxar light your way.


Adventure map by Huw Williams

EAG president Tom Zuchowski wrote a walkthrough for The Pyramid of Anharos that was published in the June 1998 issue of the Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter. The detailed walkthrough gives helpful tips for how to survive in the desert and step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the pyramid and complete the quest.

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