Pindar Rambis

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Pindar Rambis
Portrait by DALL-E 2 and Huw Williams
Class Human
Affiliation Temple of Alaxar
Appearances The Pyramid of Anharos
The Dark Brotherhood
Eamon Gazetteer

Pindar Rambis is a recurring character created by Pat Hurst who serves as the high priest at the Temple of Alaxar in Evenhold. Rambis appears in the introductions of Hurst's 1987 adventures The Pyramid of Anharos and The Dark Brotherhood, in both cases addressing crowds of concerned citizens and describing the reasons for recent supernatural occurrences.

In his Eamon Gazetteer, Hurst notes that Rambis is very old and has held his position for as long as anyone can remember; he also says Rambis is alleged to have "mighty sorcerous powers".