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Author's notes, solutions, and comments for Eamon adventure #166, Storm Breaker.


The BASIC files "EAMON.166.INTRO", "SOLUTIONS", "LEADIN", "UNPACKING.INFO" from the original ProDOS game disk


March 1989


Sam Ruby and Tom Zuchowski


The use of this item is permitted on the grounds that it's free or in the public domain.

Author's notes

When we last left our hero, he had triumphed over the vengeful Element Lords and was setting sail for his home continent. It seemed that an Elemental Apocalypse had been averted.

You ain't seen nothing yet!

Another epic adventure awaits. But since you're a pro now, the rules have been changed a little. In this game you will be switching disks a lot. That is because the game is not divided into segments like its predecessor. What this means is that it is not always obvious what direction to take next, and you could spend a lot of time wandering around without making any progress.

Therefore, allow me to make some suggestions. Since, as you will see, you really don't know what's going on, it would be wise to make a priority of finding out and going to the places where you could accomplish this.

The city is full of shops and places of interest (anything that's not a road or a shop). I advise that you map out the city and make note of where the various places are, but it is not necessary to actually enter all the common shops until you have reason to believe you need something from them. You will have your hands full with the places of interest and the unusual or unmarked shops.

Do not waste your time trying to buy random objects. Most of the shops have only one or two specific functions that become apparent later in the game. There are a few shops and places that have practical, rather than peculiar, functions and these you should check out immediately.

There is an important short-cut which appears later in the game which has something to do with cracks. It works both ways — use it. There are also some short-cuts in the city. Just don't wreck anybody's lawn with your boots.

You will have to pay attention to three aspects which normally are not important: money, weight, and light. Money is sometimes scarce, so you'll have to be thrifty; at other times you will have a lot of it and it will weigh you down. Speaking of weight, you will realize that you can't carry everything and you will need to discard things you don't need. I suggest you use the logical place to keep your possessions. If you go around leaving things in all different places, you will have to waste time looking for them if you need them later. Light is also an important consideration, in several ways. Do not neglect it.

Many areas of the adventure are nondescript. There are two reasons for this; one, I almost ran out of disk space, and two, many areas are intentionally barren.

It may seem for a time that the adventure is populated by friendly townspeople. However, there are also 61 monsters who will do their very best to do you in. The monsters in the game are not there to interest you or provide sport; they are there to kill you. Therefore, you should not go looking for a fight. This is not to say that you will not have to do a fair amount of fighting before you are done, but be warned that you can be severely wounded in a matter of seconds. If you get really banged up you should return to the city for help.

You will want to make use of the save feature. You can save up to three different games and restart them at any time.

Notes on commands:

  • Get: Will ready a weapon if you are unarmed
  • Drop: Dropped gold is lost forever.
  • Look: Brings back the full room desc. The command has no other function.
  • Examine: Always used with a subject. You may examine monsters to bring back their full description. Examine is also used to look at embedded objects.
  • Attack: Any violent action. There is unarmed combat.
  • Flee: Automatically sends you back to where you came from, except in a few instances. No subject is necessary or allowed.

There are a few commands that require two subjects. Always type the command and the object (artifact), then the name of the person involved.

  • Give: To actually relinquish possession of something. Ex.: Your command? Give gold to whom? Sailor. Once you give something, you probably won't get it back!
  • Inventory: Lists your equipment and some information about it, as well as your gold and your load weight. This command does not take up a full turn and you may use it safely at all times.
  • Talk: To converse with someone. For example, "talk shopkeeper".
  • Show: To show something to someone, but not give it to them. This is an important command; in many places you will need to show an artisan or shopkeeper something to make him understand what you want or want him to do. There is no way to tell him.
  • Buy: To buy something. You do not use the give command to pay for things. When you use the buy command, you will be told the price of the object or service and have the option of actually purchasing it.
  • Say: Used infrequently. Do not try to use this command in place of buy or show.
  • Use: Also an uncommon command. It only comes into play three times.
  • Ready: This is used more often than the use command.
  • Xtinguish: The "E" is left out to make its short name different from "examine". Use this command to put out a light when you don't need it. This will save you money and inconvenient trips to the supply store.
  • Wear: The program automaticaly handles switching armour; you don't have to remove the old armour.

Remember that this game is very complicated; I spent months working on the plot. You should not hurry to finish it, or become frustrated. There is much to see and do. I worked especially hard on the ending and I think you'll be very satisfied when you finally complete the adventure.

There is a program on disk one that will give you hints and solutions if you really get stuck. You should also boot disk one to start a new game. You do not need to use the master disk again.

Most of this adventure was written back in 1986 after I made Elemental Apocalypse. Since then I've ironed out the plot, and I've tried to keep the spirit of the first E/A — a wide variety of places, monsters, and artifacts — along with a real story, which I hope you will become involved with. The game will seem to change over the course of the adventure as in E/A I (remember, you didn't find out what you were really up against until the beginning of the third segment).

Enjoy the adventure.

Sam Ruby
1718 41st Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94122


This program should be used only if you are really stuck. It is divided into three parts, roughly corresponding to the general chronological order of the events in the game.

Beginning Part

Remember, you are trying to learn about where you are and what's going on.

You should talk to people. Perhaps the dock hands know something.

The tavern might be a good place to start.

"Talk ain't cheap." Neither is information... but bartenders do appreciate a tip, and they usually have several things to say.

The bard might have something to say, if you could get his attention.

Where else could you get information? Maybe at the palace...

Now maybe you should explore the city. Since you lost your possessions, it might be a good idea to buy some equipment.

There are a few places you should go to get equipment. A sword, and perhaps a bow as well, might come in handy. You probably don't need anything else right now.

Some other places of interest...

  • The bank.
  • The museum.
  • The physician's office.
  • Unusual shops.
  • The city gates.
  • The temples.

The museum may be especially interesting. Perhaps if you talk tothe curator he might give you a tour.

That was a strange comment he made about the black temple. Maybe you should check that place out.

Where is everybody? They must be somewhere...

Look behind the curtain!

That's a mighty strange door. There must be some way to open it.

Take a look at the circle.

Gee, the curator at the museum said something about an ancient civilization that built things. You know, the tunnel looks different from the basement of the temple. Take a look at it again!

Might there be a connection between the tunnel and the ancient civilization? Now, where was it that you found out about those people?

Opening the door would appear to require turning the circle by sticking some kind of key into the three flat holes. Now, having been paying attention at the museum, something should occur to you.

Perhaps that three-pronged dagger that they found near the building site of the black temple wasn't a dagger at all...

It seems the dagger is a key. But, uh-oh, it doesn't fit anymore. Obviously you need a three-pronged key-dagger to open the door, but you can't use this one. Got any ideas?

Hmm, why don't you show the key-dagger to a blacksmith and see if he can makea new one?

If you have not passed the underground door, stop the program now.

All right, this place is pretty suspicious. A secret underground tunnel, probably built by the builders of the tower but known only to members of a black temple; maybe you're on to something. If you meet up with those people they could be pretty unfriendly. You'd best have your sword ready.

You should stay in the main tunnel. Right now I'd want to know where those people are and what they're up to. It would seem wise to go to the end of the tunnel and kick a few doors down, since there's nothing to gain by sneaking around and not doing anything.

Wonder what that lever's for? Might as well try it out; there's nothing better to do.

That's a scary guy at the base of those steps. It's a good thing he lets you by (hope you didn't attack him!).

Could it be that you are under the tower?

It would seem that you are overmatched at this point. Perhaps it would be best to back down.

Uh-oh, the Guardian is no longer indifferent to you; in fact, he's doing a really good job at beating the heck out of you. I hope you've realized that you should git while the gittin's good.

What an ego that guy has. He's not satisfied with beating you up, he has to gloat and laugh at you. But wait, what was that about some other person he beat a long, long time ago?

Someone who crawled off into 'the caves' to die? Weren't there some caves off to the side of the tunnel? Maybe you should go there.

You'll need a light. There's a supply store near the city gates that sells torches and tinder boxes. You might be able find a lantern somewhere else, but it could be more expensive and you'd have to get fuel.

Middle Part

Well, it seems you are getting lost in a maze of empty caverns. But you do expect to find something. Maybe you should perservere.

Hmm, you've come to a strange cave. (If you haven't, end this program)

This is a strange place indeed. Perhaps the basin once held something. The lever would appear to be instrumental in getting past that door, but it doesn't want to budge. You seem to have come to an impasse. Have you stepped out onto the platform?

That's a strange pipe. Why does it go down into the water? And why is it hollow?

And what are those braziers for?

You might make some noise by hitting that pipe. The sound would be carried through the water.

Yikes! A monster! You can't get past the door, and you can't defeat the monster. Perhaps you'd better stay away from this place.

You should have found a helpful shortcut in the caves.

Far to the south, an important discovery awaits you.

Maybe you should try to read the writing.

It also would be good to take a close look at the corpse.

Take note of the tattered vest. It has a peculiar design upon it; maybe you should take it with you.

You know, despite finding the Storm Bringer, the strange cave, and the corpse, you really don't know what to do. Time to think.

It seems that there is a common denominator to all these mysteries: the ancient civilization. What was it that the Storm Bringer said about "My secret lies with the Dead"?

The curator told you a lot about the ancient civilization. What was that he said about ruins?

Maybe you should go to the ruins.

How to get there? Go to the gatekeeper, and when he asks where you want to go, say [the] RUINS.

Hmm, having problems in the ruins, perhaps some supernatural strangeness? It seems your weapon is useless and the creature's touch is anathema to life.

Perhaps you should go see the physician to get that wound looked at.

The physician can't help you with that wound. Someone must be able to.

Your wound was caused by a supernatural creature, and an evil one at that. Now, who might be able to help you who might know something about supernatural Evil?

Go show your wound to the priest at the white temple.

You should dip your sword in holy water.

That will allow your blade to hurt the Undead. But you will still be drained of life force by their touch if you do not have protection. Perhaps it would be good to retrieve the talisman that the priest spoke of.

That will require finding "the red dragon". The priest is not familiar with the tales of such creatures. Who might be?

You should go over to the tavern and see if the bard is still there.

See if the bard knows any tales about a "red dragon".

He did, didn't he! I hope you listened well to his song.

It seems a trip to the High Caves is in order.

Talk about bad breath! You've got to kill that dragon, but as long as he can puff away at you you're not going to get anywhere. Now, what do you know about dragons?

If you were listening attentively to the bard's song, you'd know what to doright now.

"Against Dwarf-armour, fire did fail." Go to the gatekeeper and ask him how to get to the West Hills.

Did you have a nice talk with the Dwarves?

Head on up to that castle. Leave the Dwarves, go north 'till ya can't go north no more, and then go up (west).

I hope you're being really sneaky in that castle. Remember, opening doors (especially big Giant-doors) makes noise.

You should go to the very top of the castle. You do not need to pass any closed doors, but there is one that is ajar.

That Beholder is out of reach of melee weapons. And your arrows cannot penetrate its armour. Its only weak spot is its big eye, and as long as it is watching you fire your weapon it can close it fast enough to protect itself. What could distract it long enough? It would have to be something that would stop the Beholder from looking at you and your general vicinity.

You need a trick. How about a magic trick? Or the next best thing... fireworks!!!!

If you don't know what I'm talking about, go to the magician's shop and buy fireworks. Make sure you have your tinder box so you can light them, too.

By now you should have defeated the Beholder and the dragon. Put the talisman on, fix yourself up, and head for the ruins.

Follow the main path in the ruins. It is a dangerous place and remember, you're not out for adventure, you're out to get the Storm Breaker.

You should have come to a gigantic cavern strewn with bones. Somewhere in there lies a secret guarded for hundreds of years.

Of course, no one's been around for hundreds of years who would have been able to read the secrets. Maybe there is a person who could help you, though.

Show the scrolls to the curator.

Last Part

The pieces are starting to fall into place. A few remain.

What is the list for?

What does the writing near the corpse say? (You should know who the man was.)

You should proceed to try to find the answers to these questions, starting with the first.

Who might be able to make sense of the list? Well, it appears to be a list of ingredients for a liquid. The alchemist might be able to tell you something.

You can go for the final ingredient right now if you want, but it seems to me that regardless of whether or not you get it right now you still won't have a clue as to what to do next. Maybe you should go find out what the message in the cave says.

I hope you're using the short-cut; you can go down at the SE corner of the plaza, below the breakwater and into the caves.

The warrior's message gives you a lot of information. First, you should havea clue now as to what to do in the strange cave with the monster.

"Give red treasure until shown red glory." You don't know what the red treasure is (well, maybe you do if you are really paying attention) but regardless, you should know that showing red glory must have something to do with lighting those braziers. Perhaps coal was once kept in the basin, but it is gone now.

You won't be able to find any coal and besides, the braziers are useless. You'll have to replace them.

Maybe if you showed them to the lampmaker, he could help you.

The lampmaker will make a set of lamps for you. You will need to get oil for them, though.

You could get some whale oil at the warehouse. Get a lot. The short-cut would be mighty convenient once you get the oil.

Put the lamps down on the platform, light them, and then bang on the pipe.

How are you going to get the crystal out of the cave? You won't be able to find any mining implements, but there is someone who works with stone.

Go to the mason and buy a hammer & chisel.

With this ready, you should be able to get some of the crystal.

Now what?

You should have some idea as to what to do. At this point it might be a good idea to get the last ingredient for the alchemist. Go to the South Marsh.

You'll need a boat. You can get one at the Woodcutters' Union.

Paddle around until you find a snake. You can catch it with a net purchased at the fishing store.

Now you should go to the alchemist and get the white paste.

Now there is a lot to do. There is no particular order, but you might want to start with the paste. What do you think it is?

You should know that it has something to do with the "shielding." Remember the tattered vest

You should mix the powdered crystal into the paste to make red paste... red paint! With bits of crystal in it.

Perhaps you should get a vest to place over your armour. The clothier could help you.

Get the vest painted with the red swirl. Go to the limner and show him the tattered vest so he knows what to paint. Show him the red paste. He'll make use of it to paint a proper swirl on your vest.

You still have a chunk of crystal. Remember the description of the tattered vest and of the skeleton's chest. Remember also the pentagon.

Perhaps you should get the crystal cut in the shape of a pentagon.

Go to the gemcutter.

Now you need to attach the jewel to the center of the swirl on your vest. Maybe the clothier could help.

Go to the jeweler and show him the crystal.

By now, you should have the vest painted, with the pentagonal crystal attached.

Maybe it's time for Turlos to pay the piper.

Having trouble with the Guardian? The warrior's message had a lot of information, remember?

The key is that the Guardian slays 'all he sees'.

You can't fight him in the dark, so the only other way to take away his sight would be to blind him. Hmmm, haven't you been blinded in this adventure?

Go to the magician's shop and buy his little lightball. Use this.

You don't need any more clues!

ProDOS Conversion Notes

The original DOS 3.3 version took up 3 disks. It included a double set of data files (for maintenance purposes) and specially-modified editing programs. To minimize download charges, I deleted all of the data file maintenance stuff and moved the Disk 3 data files to Disk 1. This means that any future data file maintenance will have to be done to the DOS 3.3 version and the data files ported over to the ProDOS version. This seemed a worthwhile tradeoff since thisis a very stable adventure.

A couple of hundred changes were made to the programs for ProDOS compatibility and to implement the above mods.

Tom Zuchowski

Unpacking info

This Adventure has been uploaded in a single large folder. This folder is too large for a single 5.25 disk and must be split into two pieces. If you are unpacking to 5.25 disks, separate the files in this fashion:

Disk 2:


Disk 1:

  • (All other files)

If playing on 5.25 disks, it will be worth your while to recopy the unpacked files to the root directory of another disk so that they are not in the folder /EAMON.166.LC. If you do this, you will experience faster disk accesses.

Tom Zuchowski