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This is a Class A (gold star) article.
Class Human
Occupation Warrior
Affiliation Guild of Free Adventurers
Appearances The Beginners Cave
Relatives Unnamed brother

Heinrich is a recurring character in Eamon adventures, depicted as a warrior and able fighter who is a friend of the adventurer.


The Beginners Cave introduces Heinrich as a potential ally, located in one of the cave's early side-rooms. The adventure describes him as, "a human warrior... armed with a longsword and carrying a shield. On his shield is a sticker which says, 'Hi, I'm Heinrich!'" He possesses a hardiness of 15, agility of 7, courage of 105, and friendliness of 170. His weapon, a poor-quality Marcos sword, deals 1d8 damage. (The Heinrich in the Enhanced Beginner's Cave is identical.)

The character reappears in Tom Zuchowski's Eamon v7.0 Demo Adventure, chained to a wall in a dingy cell. Once freed, the game describes him as, "your old buddy Heinrich whom you have not seen for quite a while. He is a little worse for wear, but is OK." Heinrich also appears as an ally in The Castle of Count Fuey.

In A Vacation in Europe, author David Smith reveals that Heinrich — "an acquaintance of yours from an earlier adventure" — has died and bequeathed the adventurer some money. Remembering that Heinrich "always talked about going back to Europe," the adventurer decides it would be fitting to spend the windfall on a European vacation.

Heinrich has an unnamed brother who features in The Caves of Eamon Bluff.

Heinrich's sticker-decorated shield can be found in the forest in Escape from Mansi Island.