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This is a Class A (gold star) article.
Class Human
Occupation Warrior
Affiliation Guild of Free Adventurers
Appearances The Beginners Cave
Relatives Unnamed brother

Heinrich is a recurring character in Eamon adventures, first introduced by Donald Brown and depicted as a warrior and able fighter who is a friend of the adventurer.


The Beginners Cave introduces Heinrich as a potential ally, located in one of the cave's early side-rooms. The adventure describes him as, "a human warrior... armed with a longsword and carrying a shield. On his shield is a sticker which says, 'Hi, I'm Heinrich!'" He possesses a hardiness of 15, agility of 7, courage of 105, and friendliness of 170. His weapon, a poor-quality Marcos sword, deals 1d8 damage. (The Heinrich in the Enhanced Beginner's Cave is identical.)

The character reappears in Tom Zuchowski's Eamon v7.0 Demo Adventure, chained to a wall in a dingy cell. Once freed, the game describes him as, "your old buddy Heinrich whom you have not seen for quite a while. He is a little worse for wear, but is OK." Heinrich also appears as an ally in The Castle of Count Fuey, and again in Slave Pits of Kzorland.

In A Vacation in Europe, author David Smith reveals that Heinrich — "an acquaintance of yours from an earlier adventure" — has died and bequeathed the adventurer some money. Remembering that Heinrich "always talked about going back to Europe," the adventurer decides it would be fitting to spend the windfall on a European vacation.

Heinrich has an unnamed brother who features in The Caves of Eamon Bluff.

Heinrich's sticker-decorated shield can be found in the forest in Escape from Mansi Island.

In SwordThrust

In SwordThrust, CE Software's commercial successor to Eamon, creator Donald Brown casts Heinrich as the weapons vendor for the guild, a function served in the original Eamon series by Marcos Cavielli. Heinrich operates a weapons and armor shop in the Main Hall on the world of Diurla, and like Marcos will buy and sell the five basic weapons, three levels of armor, and shields.