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"Ready for Adventure?", an article about Eamon published in the "Checkpoints" section of the winter 1996 issue of II Alive magazine, page 10.



Winter 1996


Tom Zuchowski


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Ready for Adventure?

by Tom Zuchowski

Eamon adventures are text-style quests which look and play much like those published by Infocom. Currently, there are 238 "Eamons" in the public domain with scenarios running the gamut from Swords & Sorcery through Sci-fi. Play times range from one to many hours.

Since nearly all Eamons are available in upper-case 40-column DOS 3.3 format, you can play on any Apple II or A2 emulator. The 62 titles for 80-column ProDOS are conversions of the top-rated one-quarter of the entire list and offer excellent gaming experiences.

Some of the best fun in Eamon-ing is creating your own adventure using the software tools contained on the Eamon Dungeon Designer Disk. DDD 7.1 represents a quantum leap over earlier versions and has the potential for quite sophisticated scenarios. In fact, Softdisk published three very high quality Eamon titles in issues 137, 152, and 156. When finished, your adventure can be registered — Eamon #239?! — and become part of a great gaming tradition.

You can obtain Eamon adventures and designer materials from several sources, including...

Caloke Industries, P.O. Box 18477, Raytown, MO 64133

Kula Software, 2118 Kula St., Honolulu, HI 96817

The Eamon Adventurer's Guild supplies regular news, updates, and reviews, via a quarterly newsletter. EAG has been around for almost 13 years now, and it is still going strong!

Contact: Tom Zuchowski, developer of Eamon designer materials and editor of the EAG Journal, can be reached at or, via mail, at 7625 Hawkhaven Dr., Clemmons, NC 27012-9408.