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ADRIFT is a free interactive fiction authoring system created by Campbell Wild. The name is an acronym of "Adventure Development and Runner Interactive Fiction Toolkit".

The system is Windows-based and consists of an authoring tool (ADRIFT Generator) used to write games and a runner (ADRIFT Runner) used to play them; Wild also created the ADRIFT WebRunner which allows any game to be played online in a web browser. The system allows adventures to be created through a graphical user interface without the need for a lot of programming expertise.


Kenneth Pedersen converted Donald Brown's The Beginners Cave to ADRIFT in 2018 as a demonstration of his Eamon Combat Module. Pedersen also used ADRIFT to build his original adventure Land of the Mountain King, which he later converted to Eamon CS.

In 2020 Pedersen announced his intention to fully adapt Eamon to the ADRIFT system, a project he named Eamon Revived.

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