Tenement of the Damned

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Tenement of the Damned
Eamon adventure #255
Author J. M. Menassanch
Released December 1985
Revised 2012
EAG number 255
EDX number 23-05
EDX set The Lost Treasures of Eamon
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
Files Eamon 255 - Le HLM Maudit.dsk
Eamon 255 - Tenement of the Damned.dsk
Eamon 255 - Tenement of the Damned (Bilingual).dsk

Tenement of the Damned (original French title: Le HLM Maudit) is an Eamon adventure written by J. M. Menassanch.


Tenement of the Damned (French: Le HLM Maudit) is what serves as the analogue to The Beginners Cave in the French release of Eamon Le Monde Merveilleux d'Eamon. In addition to writing Tenement—the only known adventure for the French system—J. M. Menassanch also was responsible for the conversion and translation of the Main Hall and utilities. The system was distributed by two companies: Vif Logiciels Domaine Public ("Vivid Software Public Domain") and Reseau Planétaire ("Planetary Network").


Tenement has no proper introductory story, leaving the inferences of the premise up to the adventurer. Essentially, the player initially is set outside of a burned out block of public housing and is expected to loot and explore the tenement. A host of uncanny characters and unusual treasure populates the eponymous tenement; the monsters range from a "minette des banlieues" (a cute girl from the projects) armed with tear gas to an obese cook with an unnatural obsession with her Tefal-brand stove (which also serves as a weapon). Angry traffic cops, half-asleep members of the National Front, and a psychopathic doctor guarding a secret abattoir are a few of the strange residents of the Tenement.

The treasures are just as unusual; dirty hypodermic needles, suitcases filled with Parisian gossip magazines, and a picnic basket filled with cutlets of diplodocus steak are ready to be looted—as well as the previously mentioned Tefal brand stove, though the trophies collected in the Tenement will not net the adventurer much gold from Thibauld L'Arnaque, Sam Slicker's French counterpart.


⚠️ A walkthrough is needed for this adventure.
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Tenement was reviewed in the March 2013 issue of the Eamon Deluxe Newsletter, in which it received a rating of 6 for quality and 4 for difficulty. While the adventure was noted to be short and simple, the review praised its Jim Jacobson-like sense of humor and suitability as an introduction to Eamon.


The titular housing project is located south of the Main Hall, though insofar as the Main Hall in Menassanch's Eamon is populated by a cast of characters distinct from their anglophone cousins, this Main Hall may be considered distinct from the traditional one.


  • An "HLM"—"habitation a loyer modere"—is analogous to the American concept of a housing project, state-subsidized and associated with crime and poverty. Indeed, the floors above the second level in the Tenement are inaccessible due to arson leaving most of the building uninhabitable.
  • The official EAG release—though not yet publicly distributed—features the adventure in both the original French and a translated English version.


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