Bob the Wanderer

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Bob the Wanderer is an adventurer created by NEUC contributor Bob Davis which he mentions in his article "The Birth of a Club", published in the March 1985 issue of the club newsletter.

Davis's friend John Nelson includes Bob the Wanderer as a friendly character in his adventure The Gauntlet, describing him as "a young man in a blue cloak" from somewhere called Deljemfrolic. Davis himself later mentions him in the introduction to his adventure The Prince's Tavern, suggesting that great tales are told of Bob's adventures.

The EAG's loremaster Pat Hurst mentions Bob in his December 1988 column "Eamon Monster Lore - Part II", and again in March 1989 when he gives the results of a team-building contest. (Nathan Segerlind won with a team that included Bob the Wanderer.)