Abby Cadabra

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Abby Cadabra
Super Eamon bar.png
Abby Cadabra in the Super Eamon bar.
Class Human
Occupation Witch
Affiliation Guild of Free Adventurers
Appearances Super Eamon

Abby Cadabra is a female practitioner of magic who often spends time in the bar just outside the Main Hall. Like Hokas Tokas, Abby specializes in teaching spells and for a fee will instruct adventurers in any of the four basic spells. After receiving payment for her services, she celebrates with a frosty mug of Frobozz, "the real beer for the real adventurer."

Abby's only appearance is in Super Eamon where she's shown dressed in a dark gown and pointed hat, both decorated with mystical symbols. She can magically transport herself from place to place, disappearing and appearing in a cloud of purple smoke. When approached she briefly checks a small purple book which she conjures from nowhere.

Abby's name is a play on the traditional incantation abracadabra.


The resident wizard in John Nelson's Knight Quest is named Abbra Kadabra.