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This is a Class B (silver star) article.

A host of diverse individuals populate the world of Eamon and help to drive the stories that make up the many adventures of the Eamon series. While some individuals that the player encounters in adventures are nondescript entities, many are more noteworthy characters, and some recur in multiple works.

The sections below list some of the most notable individuals in Eamon.

Main Hall and vicinity

Name Description Source(s)
The adventurer Player-controlled protagonist in adventures; a member of the Guild of Free Adventurers. Eamon
Abby Cadabra Practitioner of the magic arts; generally found at the bar near the Main Hall; teaches adventurers basic spells. Super Eamon
The Burly Irishman Record-keeper for the Guild of Free Adventurers; normally works in a cubbyhole in the outer chamber; gruff and short-temperered. Eamon
Don Diego Weapons master; trains adventurers to improve their weapons ability; operates in the Practice Yard near the Main Hall. Graphics Main Hall
Eamon Deluxe
Dubro Weaponsmith; operates a smith in the Side Alley near the Main Hall; reworks weapons to improve their capabilities. Super Eamon
Elvish man Assistant to the Burly Irishman who introduces new adventurers to basics of their character; described as "possibly" Elvish. Eamon
The Friendly Giant Trainer in the Practice Yard who works with adventurers to improve their expertise with armor. Graphics Main Hall
Eamon Deluxe
The Good Witch Merchant who operates a shop in the village near the Main Hall; sells potions that can improve attributes. Graphics Main Hall
Eamon Deluxe
Grendel Weapons merchant who operates in the village south of the Main Hall; crafts more customized and exotic weapons than those made by Marcos. Graphics Main Hall
Eamon Deluxe
Hokas Tokas The resident wizard of the Guild of Free Adventurers; trains adventurers in the four basic spells; often spends time at the bar. Eamon
Jacoby Jones Operator of a flea market near the Main Hall. Search for Mack
Jermaine Munro Talented rogue and combat instructor at the Main Hall on Diurla; trains adventurers in the five basic weapons classes. SwordThrust
Marcos Cavielli Weapons merchant in the Main Hall; sells a variety of basic weapons, armor, and shields. Eamon
The Mystic Practitioner of magic who operates a shop in the village south of the Main Hall; improves adventurers' spell casting abilities. Graphics Main Hall
Eamon Deluxe
Oracle Jones Man whose oracular powers are unlocked by alcohol; spends his time at the bar. Walled City of Darkness
Pindar Rambis High Priest of the Temple of Alaxar in Evenhold. The Pyramid of Anharos
The Dark Brotherhood
Shylock McFenney Banker for the Guild of Free Adventurers; rotund and good-natured. Eamon
Sam Strong and experienced adventurer and member of the Guild. Eamon
Sam Slicker Pawn-broker who operates near the Main Hall; purchases treasures and excess weapons from Guild members when they return from adventures. Eamon
Schmitty Owner and operator of the Paris Casino in the village near the Main Hall. Graphics Main Hall
Eamon Deluxe
Trishna Elvish weapons trainer who once broke the adventurer's arm. The Adventurer's General Store
Vito Thug who hangs out in the outer chamber of the Main Hall and knifes disobedient visitors. Eamon
The Warlord Mysterious figure responsible for keeping the Beginners Cave restocked for novice adventurers. Eamon
Whitey O'Thraight Operator of a Training Arena near the Main Hall; also maintains a monster preserve elsewhere on Eamon. Super Eamon
William Misslefire Knight Marshall of the Guild of Free Adventurers; checks returning adventurers for compliance with weapon limits. Eamon

Other recurring individuals

Name Description Source(s)
The Abductor
Sir Charles of Aknor
Bob the Wanderer
The Bookworm
Clone Master
Darth Vader
The King
Professor Larkspur
Larcenous Lil
The Minotaur
The Mole Man
Pokas Tokas
Mr. Roessler
Samurai Cat