Elvish man

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Elvish man
Portrait by DALL-E 2 and Huw Williams
Class Elf / Vulcan
Occupation Instructor
Affiliation Guild of Free Adventurers
Appearances Main Hall

An unnamed and possibly Elvish man in the Main Hall of the Guild of Free Adventurers acts as an assistant to the Burly Irishman by providing helpful instructions to newly-enrolled adventurers. Players encounter the man after they've registered their character: when the Irishman leaves, "in walks a tall man of possibly Elvish descent" who gives the adventurer a booklet of instructions and teaches the adventurer about attributes, weapons, armor, magic, and other important aspects of life in the Guild.

When finished, the man takes back the instructions and says, "It is now time for you to start your life." He then makes an odd sign with his hand and says, "Live long and prosper."

Background and identity

Eamon creator Donald Brown uses the well-known phrase to humorously suggest that the man is Spock, a character portrayed by Leonard Nimoy in the Star Trek TV series and movies, or at least that the individual is a Vulcan. The accompanying gesture would be the famous Vulcan salute. The suggestion that the man looks like an Elf plays on certain physical similarities between Star Trek's Vulcans and the Elves in Dungeons & Dragons or in Tolkien's legendarium, notably the pointed ears.