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This is a Class B (silver star) article.

Roads and streets cross the world of Eamon and are mentioned or described in various Eamon adventures. Due to the diversity of contributors to the Eamon library, descriptions are not always consistent, and a majority of roads and streets appear only in single adventures. This page lists those that have appeared in, or been described in, published sources.

Unless otherwise specified, distances and directions are from Evenhold.

Feature Description Source(s)
Eamon Railroad A rail line that connects the communitie of Frukendorf, Evenhold, Flagstop, Dodge, and Mudville, and possibly others. The Eamon Railroad
A Runcible Cargo
Great East Road Grunewalde
Eamon Gazetteer
King's Road Well-maintained thoroughfare paved with cobblestones. It runs east for many miles across the countryside, intersecting Northmarch Road and Southport Road, then passes through Behlos City and terminates near the Gull's Eye Cliffs. The Treachery of Zorag
Northmarch Road North-south cobblestone road, lightly traveled and in poor repair. Its begins at the King's Road west of Behlos City and runs many miles north to its intersection with Old Mountain Road. The Treachery of Zorag
Old Mountain Road A little-used unpaved road a few miles from Behlos City. From the Dead Forest in runs generally southwest, across the Shadow Mountains through the Pass of Karathas, then southwest to its intersection with Northmarch Road, and finally west across the Westsong River toward the Foulwater Marshes when it terminates. The Treachery of Zorag
Southport Road Heavily-traveled north-south road paved with wide stones that connects the city of Southport to the King's Road west of Behlos City. The Treachery of Zorag
Westwind Road Country road that meanders through the grassy plains south of Behlos City. Beginning at the city's south gate, it leads south and then west to connect to Southport Road. The Treachery of Zorag