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This article is about the wizard. For the adventure, see The Quest for Trezore.

Trezore is a powerful practitioner of magic introduced by Jim Jacobson and mentioned in multiple Eamon adventures. Trezore lives on Eamon in the same general region as the Main Hall.


  • The Devil's Tomb by Jim Jacobson features a book with the title Spells of Trezore on the cover. A passage in it reads:

    "This book contains the spells of Trezore the great and powerful. You may use the powers of Trezore by saying the magic word Trezore. May the power of Trezore do you no harm."

    The spell has random effects, some negative (losing armor or weapons expertise), others positive (healing damage or blasting enemies).
  • The Quest for Trezore by Jim Jacobson focuses on the adventurer's efforts to secure Trezore's help in freeing a captured friend. Trezore appears in a blinding light and speaks in a booming voice.
  • The Castle of Count Fuey by Donald Brown includes a receipt from Trezore in the count's study that reads, "One DMD of TRPNG, 250,000 GP".
  • Sorceror's Spire by John Nelson makes mention of Trezore:

    "The only master wizards ever known to this area have been Molinar, Trezore and Xandar. Molinar is dead, Trezore's whereabouts are unknown and Xandar is...?"