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This is a Class A (gold star) article.
Portrait by DALL-E 2 and Huw Williams
Class Human
Occupation Magic trainer
Affiliation Guild of Free Adventurers
Appearances Eamon Deluxe
Graphics Main Hall

The Mystic, said to be a licensed wizard, is a merchant who resides in the Practice Yard where he offers to help adventurers improve their spell-casting abilities for a fee.

Function within the Guild

For a fee of 1000 gold, adventurers may try the Mystic's advanced concentration techniques in an effort to improve their abilities at casting either the Blast, Heal, Speed or Power spells. If the attempt is successful, the adventurer's spell ability will be increased (sometimes by several points); there is also a chance of the technique failing and the adventurer learning nothing. This is likely why merchants outside the Main Hall don't carry the guild seal of approval and are dealt with at adventurers' own risk.


The Mystic is described as extremely polite and calm, something which is said to enrage the guild's resident wizard Hokas Tokas, who refers to him as "that smarmy git"; whether the Mystic returns this animosity is unknown. It is possible that part of Hokas' antagonism comes from the unreliable nature of the Mystic's teachings, and also the fact that the Mystic can lead adventurers to more advanced heights of magical prowess than Hokas can.


The Mystic first appeared in Rick Volberding's Graphics Main Hall and was ported to Eamon Deluxe along with the other vendors from the village. His personality was expanded in the Eamon Deluxe manual by Luke Hewitt and Frank Black in an effort to give the newer characters in Eamon Deluxe the same sort of background as those from the original Eamon.


The term "git" used by Hokas to describe the Mystic is a popular British insult and came from Luke Hewitt who is himself from England.