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The Bookworm is a recurring adversary in Eamon who appears in several Robert Parker adventures: Encounter: The Bookworm, Revenge of the Bookworm, and Bookworm 3-D. The Bookworm returned once more in The Tower of Eamon (2022).

Personality and depiction

Encounter describes the Bookworm's appearance as "a long worm, about 3-inches thick... [with] a tiny pair of glasses on, as if he/it can read" and Revenge offers the additional description that the character is five inches in length.

The character makes a subsequent appearance in The Tower of Eamon, in which the Bookworm is revealed as the true identity of the Sandman, the adventure's primary antagonist and leader of the Underground Villains Club.

Similar creatures

In The House of Secrets the adventurer encounters a monster known as a book worm: "A long, gray, slimy creature oozing along the ground toward you... it has no face, only a large mouth with bits of paper and parchment within."