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Cities and towns on the world of Eamon (and worlds beyond) are the setting of many Eamon adventures and are among the most common named features that authors create. Due to the diversity of contributors to the Eamon library, descriptions are not always consistent, and a majority of settlements appear only in single adventures. A notable exception is Evenhold, site of the Main Hall. This page lists the cities, towns, villages, and other settlements that have appeared in, or been described in, published sources.

Unless otherwise specified, distances and directions are from Evenhold.

Feature Description Source(s)
Agroville Community in the western quarter of the New Kingdom. Redemption
Aknor Settlement or area home to good Sir Charles. The Senator's Chambers
Temple of Ngurct
Andport A northern port. Elemental Apocalypse
Arenjun "The City of Thieves", a walled city east of Evenhold. One of its most prominent features is the tall Tower of Yara. Jewel of Yara
Asereht City near the mountains in the country of Rhyl. The Creature of Rhyl
Bahyrst An extinct agricultural village with a sprawling cemetery. Located several days northeast of Geldhaven. The Vile Grimoire of Jaldi'al
Banner Elk Settlement in area of Bahyrst. The Vile Grimoire of Jaldi'al
Baronia Town one mile north of the Darkwoods; also the name of its province. Expedition to the Darkwoods
Behlos City City many miles east of Evenhold, reached by travelling along the long, cobblestone-paved King's Road. The city has gates on the east, west, and south sides; the king's Great Hall is on the north. The city has a number of businesses including Burly Irishman Outfitters, Kingsworth Clothing, Black Horse Tavern, Trollsfire Pub, and an open market. Thoroughfares in Behlos include the King's Road, Main Street, Elm Street, Dead Man's Pike, Cedar Lane, Battleforge Lane, and Wyvern Boulevard. Stronghold of Kahr-Dur
Belbury City at least a few hours from Evenhold; near a large fast-moving river; once attacked by the Army of Thorak. Firestorm
Belvarus Settlement not far from Grunewalde. Grunewalde
Crystalbay, Lesser Stroyol Location of Spellunker's Adventuring Supplies, possibly in the region of Bahyrst. The Vile Grimoire of Jaldi'al
Deljemfrolic Home of Bob the Wanderer. The Gauntlet
Diablo A "rough frontier town" and starting point for the Knight Quest system. KnightQuest
Dodge Town in the countryside southeast of Evenhold. The Eamon Railroad
A Runcible Cargo
Dorier Capital of the Kingdom of Dorier; on the west side of the city are docks and a harbor; open sea lies west and north. Eye of Agamon
Duron City-state generally west of Dorier across the ocean; sheltered by surrounding mountains. Eye of Agamon
Dunderhaven Settlement near Evenhold, probably to the north. In or near Dunderhaven is a castle, beneath which is an entrance to the lair of the Minotaur. A river flows near Dunderhaven and runs generally south; this river is likely the Zyphur. The Lair of the Minotaur
East Horseshoe A town in the vicinity of Belbury, menaced by the forces of Thorak. Firestorm
Evenhold The town that is the site of the Main Hall. Also called Eamon Town (or Eamon Towne). Various
Fahrnor A wealthy city roughly seven days' ride to the west. Stronghold of Kahr-Dur
Falmen Home of a cleric named Felix. The Gauntlet
Flagstop A stop on the Eamon Railroad just after Mudville. The Eamon Railroad
Frukendorf Town west of Evenhold, known as the home of bandits. The Abductor's Quarters
A Runcible Cargo
Geldhaven A trading outpost several days' north of Evenhold near the Tiaga Gorge. The Vile Grimoire of Jaldi'al
Ghost town An abandoned settlement north of Belbury, populated by actual ghosts Firestorm
Gran Buen A port city on the east coast of the continent of Republica. Journey Across the Muerte Sea
Griffinville Village in the land of Saxavania. The Temple of Dread
Griswald Ancient city to the east, protected by a magical statue of the god Barantu. The City of Sorcerers
Grunewalde Only town in the duchy of the same name, east of Evenhold in the Jarlschlager Mountains, on a branch of the Great East Road. Grunewalde
Eamon Gazetteer
Helstar City that magically appears (Brigadoon-style) at rare times and on various worlds including Earth and Eamon. Assault on Helstar
Hobnail Junction Walled town, site of the Artisans Guild and home to Lord Bottomsmith who lives in the castle. The town has a hotel, tavern, church, and various businesses including a weapons shop operated by the "Cavielli Brothers"; its named streets include Armory, Bronze, Iron, Jeweler, Market, and Main.. The Fugitive
Hogarth Town Town in Duneshire, south of Evenhold. Hogarth Castle
Ironcastle Community in the eastern quarter of the New Kingdom. Redemption
Kaii Populated place on the island of Duron. Eye of Agamon
Kathros City in "west Eamon". Cliffs of Fire
Kingscourt Capital of the New Kingdom. Redemption
Knieriem City Towering city with a harbor and the capital of the land of Knieriem. Steam ships travel between Knieriem City and Evenhold or its vicinity. Assault on the Clone Master
Lieto An agricultural community west/northwest of Virrat City. Malleus Maleficarum
Lumen City protected by a god of the same name. Walled City of Darkness
Mudville Town east of the Main Hall. The Eamon Railroad
A Runcible Cargo
Nell-Zon Town in the vicinity of Evenhold, site of the Amateur Alley. Amateur Alley (EDX version)
New Alfredtowne Home town of the adventurer's friend Melvin. The Valley of Death
Oigres "Hick town" where cheese dip is popular. Attack of the Kretons
Opeton City Technologically advanced but abandoned city that lies beneath a plain a number of miles from the Main Hall. The Underground City
Pendrama A city north of the Shadow Wall that was attacked and damaged by the Darklord. Return to Pendrama
Port Bax A port town located near Duron and Ragodon. Eye of Agamon
Ragodon Town near the city of Duron and east of Port Bax; headquarters of the Brotherhood of the Darklord; bordered on the west by the River Borg; named thoroughfares include Axe Lane, Riverton Walk, Northgate Road, Beggar Road, Knight Street, and River Bridge Road. Eye of Agamon
Sarcarm A site, possibly past or ancient, where something or someone named Gorlithium was defeated; the event is depicted in a mural in the library of Merlin's castle. Merlin's Castle
Sayhar Capital of the North Kingdom and a port situated at the mouth of the River Martazar. Elemental Apocalypse
Shrine City Community in the southern quarter of the New Kingdom. Redemption
Sirap A city "well east" of the kingdom; site of the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Lotto's Masterpiece
Slobourough (Or Slobourogh) Village in or near Marewood Forest. The Mole Man caused it to sink below the ground, but it was returned to the surface. Revenge of the Mole Man
Southaven A town in the North Kingdom on the continent of Northland; also the name of the surrounding region. Elemental Apocalypse
Southport Coastal city southwest of Behlos, surrounded by a large stone wall. Southport Road enters from the north through an iron gate flanked by towers. Stronghold of Kahr-Dur
Tornio Capital city of a distant kingdom. The Sword of Inari
Tradetown Community in the center of the New Kingdom. Redemption
Vaalpa Town in the north with a dictatorial ruler. Vaalpa's Plight
Virrat City Principal city of the Duchy of Virrat, three days west of Evenhold. Malleus Maleficarum
Vulden City in or near the land of Aldaar. The Dragon of Aldaar
Yomber Town where the queen has a castle; near the Main Hall and near the sea. Escape from Mansi Island