Pokas Tokas

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Pokas Tokas
Pokas trapped in the form of a sphere.
Portrait by DALL-E 2 and Huw Williams
Class Human
Appearances The Wizard of the Spheres
Halls of the Adept
Fiends of Eamon
Relatives Hokas Tokas (brother)
Smokas Tokas (brother)

Pokas Tokas is the brother of resident wizard Hokas Tokas of the Guild of Free Adventurers and a recurring character in Eamon adventures.


Marc Elkin's 1987 adventure The Wizard of the Spheres introduces the character, with Hokas asking the adventurer's help in freeing his brother from imprisonment by a powerful rival. The wizard has trapped Pokas in the form of an obsidian sphere, but once freed he magically teleports himself and the adventurer back to the Main Hall which suggests he may be a wizard like his brother.

Pokas reappears in Halls of the Adept (1993) by Tim Berge and Johnathan Cottingham, imprisoned by an evil adept who's kidnapped Princess Aeriel. Freed from his manacles, Pokas "grins and says 'Lemme at 'em!'" and joins the adventurer on his quest to rescue the princess.

The character's most recent appearance is in Frank Black's Fiends of Eamon (1994) where he's once again being held prisoner, this time by the Clone Master who intends to use Pokas and others as subjects for his cloning experiments.