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The Darklord is a recurring villain and adversary whose evil ambitions form the backdrop of multiple Eamon adventures by Hoyle Purvis. The Darklord is a very skilled and powerful practitioner of magic who acts behind the scenes but never directly appears in any adventure.

The character is first mentioned in the introduction to Demongate (1991) when a cleric at the Abbey of Light, observing the nearby Shadow Wall, states that it "appeared a few years ago when the Dark Lord began his reign of terror." The Darklord's forces steal a golden ankh from the abbey in an attempt to summon a powerful demon, but the adventurer recovers the ankh before the spell can be completed.

In Eye of Agamon (1992) the Darklord's army of orcs and undead creatures attack the kingdom of Dorier, prompting Dorier's king to dispatch the adventurer to the distant island realm of Duron to retrieve the magical "eye". Returned to Dorier, the eye (a gem) destroys the undead and the kingdom is saved.

In Purvis's Return to Pendrama (1992) the adventurer again visits the Shadow Wall and ventures through it to the ruined city of Pendrama. Though it's occupied by the Darklord's forces, the adventurer succeeds in reuniting Pendrama's ousted king with the magical relics needed the drive off the invaders.

The Darklord's name and appearance are never revealed, though it's mentioned in Return to Pendrama that he can take the form of a "black fog" in order to penetrate protected areas.