Sir Charles of Aknor

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Sir Charles of Aknor, also identified as "good Sir Charles", is a recurring character who appears in three Eamon adventures and was the invention of author James Plamondon.


"The Good Sir Charles of Aknor" first appears in The Senator's Chambers (1982), described by Plamondon as a former counselor to the king and "a man of noble countenance". Sir Charles is held prisoner by his political rival and must be rescued.

Sir Charles reappears in The Temple of Ngurct by James and Robert Plamondon, and is again being held prisoner, this time by the evil cult of Ngurct. Despite rough treatment, Charles "wears the tattered remnants of his clothes with noble dignity" and aids the adventurer in defeating the cult.

His most recent appearance is in the sequel Return of Ngurct where he joins the adventurer in vanquishing Ngurct once and for all.