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This article is about the wizard. For the adventure, see The Tomb of Molinar.

Molinar is an ancient and powerful wizard introduced by Donald Brown in 1980 and mentioned in several of the Eamon adventures he created. Molinar was in centuries past a great wizard-king and now rests in his tomb, awakening in times of desperate need.


In order of apperance:

  • The Lair of the Minotaur features a gem known as the Jewel of Molinar, sitting on a stand marked, "do not touch." Touching the gem produces an electric shock and a voice that chuckles, "I told you not to touch it."
  • The Tomb of Molinar sees the adventure enter the king's hidden tomb and awaken him to save the kingdom from a deadly threat.
  • The Castle of Count Fuey features a stone lion referred to as "Molinar's pet" which can transform into a real lion.
  • The Search for the Key and The Rescue Mission tasks the adventurer with recovering the Key of Molinar and using it to rescue several kidnapped diplomats. (The key has the power to magically transport them home.)
  • Sorceror's Spire by Jim Jacobson notes:

    "The only master wizards ever known to this area have been Molinar, Trezore and Xandar. Molinar is dead, Trezore's whereabouts are unknown and Xandar is...?"