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This is a Class A (gold star) article.
Class Human
Affiliation Merchant
Appearances Eamon Functions

Julio is a merchant in Evenhold who buys and sells weapon and armor of a higher quality than offered by Marcos Cavielli. His shop is situated three doors down from the Main Hall to the left (as you exit), behind a gate guarded by Angelo, across a courtyard, and through a plain wooden door.

Miller describes Julio as "a rather fat but youthful man dressed in a fine doublet and hose" who stands behind a counter in a dimly-lit shop, the walls of which are lined with racks holding a variety of weapons and equipment. Julio sells weapons of all five standard types, and purchases weapons that he deems sufficiently powerful. His comment that he deducts a "ten percent commission for Marcos" from his offers suggests that he is a partner of Cavielli's rather than a competitor.

Julio and his shop appear only in the "Eamon Functions" enhancements created by Bruce Miller.