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Lands on Eamon and other worlds range from small shires, provinces, and city-states to sprawling kingdoms and other large regions, and are the setting of many Eamon adventures. Due to the diversity of contributors to the Eamon library, descriptions are not always consistent, and a majority of lands appear only in single adventures. This page lists the named regions, kingdoms, duchies, provinces, and other such lands that have appeared in, or been described in, published sources.

Unless otherwise specified, distances and directions are from Evenhold.

Feature Description Source(s)
Agimen A kingdom west of Evenhold. Dawn of the Warlock
Aldaar A small land where the city of Vulden is located, or possibly in its vicinity. The Dragon of Aldaar
Calphante Land defended by warriors known as the Guilded Might; includes the Enchanted Woods of Calphante. Death Trap
Camphor Home of the lost Black Knight of Camphor. Death Trap
Cantor An earldom in the kingdom. In the Clutches of Torrik
Carthianum An ancient land; artifacts from Carthianum are valuable. Merlin's Castle
Crystal Kingdom A small kingdom centered in and around Crystal Mountain. Crystal Mountain
Darland A province with a tyrant governor. In the Clutches of Torrik
Dorier The name of a neighboring kingdom and its capital city. Eye of Agamon
Duneshire An area of the kingdom south of Evenhold where stands the village of Hogarth Town. Hogarth Castle
Earl A duchy in the kingdom; its current duke is named Earl. In the Clutches of Torrik
Kingdom of Eilaak Small kingdom south of Evenhold, located near the base of Mount Eilaak. Wrenhold's Secret Vigil
Elebron A duchy, possibly near Behlos City. Prince Elric hails from the Duchy of Elebron. The Treachery of Zorag
Elven Wonderland An amusement park beyond the Dark Forest. Merlin's Castle
Kingdom of Evenhold The land where the Main Hall and surrounding areas are situated, often simply referred to as "the kingdom" or "our kingdom". Various
Gascon Area that sent the dignitary Humprey of Gascon to meet with the governor of Darland. In the Clutches of Torrik
Grunewalde Pronounced grune'-vall-deh. A small duchy in the Jarlschlager mountain range and the hereditary domain of the de Lupus family; Grunewalde is also the name of its only town. Grunewalde
Eamon Gazetteer
Knieriem "A distant land" of towering cities. Its advanced technology has a retro-futuristic, steampunk aesthetic, including metal vehicles and flying machines powered by intricate clockwork. Its capital is Knieriem City whose harbor was once blockaded by the Clone Master; other localities may include Northampton and Nickelton. Knieriem's border is several days' travel from the capital across mountains. Assault on the Clone Master
Kor An ancient land once inhabited by four powerful wizards. DharmaQuest
Kzorland A land ruled by King Kzor. Slave Pits of Kzorland
Lanst Lands of the ancient, lost civilization of the Lanstians. Caverns of Lanst
Larboria A land that's home to the beautiful Princess Laura. Behind the Sealed Door
Lucidia A barony. The School of Death
Magic Kingdom A kingdom mostly occupying a high plateau; it encompasses forests, snow-capped mountains, and a river that drops to the surrounding plain in a breathtaking 1,000-foot-tall waterfall. The Magic Kingdom
NaGog Area ruled in centuries past by a line of counts; site of the Black Castle. The Black Castle of NaGog
Negavia Namesake of the Golden Cup of Negavia. The School of Death
New Kingdom / Graceland A "faraway land" near the Great Mountains. Its capital and cultural center is Kingscourt, situated in the northern portion of the land. Its financial center is Tradetown near the middle; its agricultural center is Agroville to the west; its military and industrial center is Ironcastle to the east; and its religious center is Shrine City to the south. Redemption
The Curse of Talon
Nexdor A neighboring kingdom ruled by King Kahn, father of Princess Mari. The Caves of Mondamen
Nival A land near the Duchy of Virrat; home of the Cobalt Front. Malleus Maleficarum
North Kingdom Federation of small countries on the continent of Northland, united under the King of Sayhar. Its main constituents are Sayhar, Tredland, and Southaven, and a few smaller areas including the North, South, and East territories. Elemental Apocalypse
Northern Reaches A barbarous northern region whose ruler employs demonic magic. The King's daughter Aeriel married the ruler to prevent war with the region. The Halls of the Adept
Nostrum A land or city where orcs live. Revenge of the Bookworm
Old Kingdom Kingdom west of the Great Mountains, overrun 300 years ago by invaders. Refugees crossed the mountains and founded the New Kingdom. Redemption
Perrenor Possibly near Behlos City. Sorsha the sword-maiden hailed from the Realm of Perrenor. The Treachery of Zorag
Rhyl Country containing mountains and the city of Asareht, once plagued by a dragon. The Creature of Rhyl
Saxavania Land containing the village of Griffinville. The Temple of Dread
Sayhar The central region of the North Kingdom on the continent of Northland; also the name of its largest city. Elemental Apocalypse
Sicilia A kingdom that has been at war with Evenhold for many years. Search for Mack
Sister Mountains Small kingdom of several villages located in the Sister Mountains. The Mountain of the Master
Southaven A rural subdivision of the North Kingdom on the continent of Northland; also the name of its only major town. Elemental Apocalypse
Southlands Possibly south of Behlos City. Sandeer the wizard hails from the Southlands. The Treachery of Zorag
Spice lands Lands east of Evenhold beyond the Jarlschlager mountains, reached by the Great East Road. Eamon Gazetteer
The Pyramid of Anharos
Sylph A kingdom that lies "about 50 leagues down the road" from town. Amateur Alley
Tanjid A neighboring land. Well of the Great Ones
Tasavalta A free republic founded over 20,000 years ago when the hero Nuorgam helped defeat the Great Evil. It and the land it occupied was utterly obliterated when the Great Evil returned two centuries later. The Sword of Inari
Desert of Terza Large desert waste southeast of Evenhold, inhabited by tribes of desert nomads called Rifs. Also identified as the Desert of Endless Sorrows. Eamon Gazetteer
Pyramid of Anharos
Tredland A subdivision of the North Kingdom on the continent of Northland, situated south and west of Sayhar along with west coast. Elemental Apocalypse
Trillium A nearby land ruled by King Mahn, described as a "local political bigwig"; his daughter is named Mara. The Quest for Trezore
Valley of Cold Iron A barony, earlier ruled by the good Baron Randal and later the evil Baron Kellum, containing mines capable of yielding a rare anti-magic ore. The Pixy Oak
Virrat Duchy of Virrat, a nearby agricultural region three days' travel from the Main Hall. Its capital is Virrat City, and it also contains the farming community of Lieto. Malleus Maleficarum
Westhaven Home to tree trolls Orb of My Life