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This article is about fictional organizations. For real ones, see Category:Real organizations.

Organizations of many kinds exist in the Eamon universe, including guilds, companies, clubs, and more. Due to the diversity of contributors to the Eamon library, descriptions are not always consistent, and a majority of organizations appear only in single adventures. This page lists the named organizations that have appeared in, or been described in, published sources.

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Name Description Source(s)
Cobalt Front Fanatical militant organization dedicated to opposing the use of magic. Malleus Maleficarum
Eamon University Educational institution located near Mudville in the Kingdom of Evenhold. A Runcible Cargo
The Adventurer's General Store
Guild of Free Adventurers Headquartered at the Main Hall in Evenhold; the organization to which all adventurers in Eamon belong. Eamon
Guild of Free Rogues A guild on the world of Diurla that closely parallels the Guild of Free Adventurers on Eamon. SwordThrust
Underground Villains Club Organization consisting of criminals and villains from a variety of adventures, led by the Sandman. The Tower of Eamon

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