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Alaxar, god of fire and the sun

Many deities, gods, and other similar supernatural beings exist in the world of Eamon or are known to its inhabitants. This article lists gods, demons, and the like that have been named in Eamon adventures or other materials.

Gods and goddesses

Gods are first mentioned in the Eamon Player's Manual where Donald Brown describes the Power spell as an appeal to the gods to "do something". Adventure authors have identified and described a number of these deities, and two authors, Pat Hurst and Tom Zuchowski, have described entire pantheons of gods and the forces or phenomena they represent.

Name Description Source(s)
Alaxar Major god of the plane of fire; sun god; aligned to lawful good; worshiped as state religion of Evenhold; father of Terza; he is symbolized as the sun or as a hawk that soars above the world and sees all with his keen vision; his domain is the heavens. Eamon Gazetteer
Annav Goddess of love, also identified as Etihw Annav. Lotto's Masterpiece
A Runcible Cargo
Barantu The protector god of the city of Griswald The City of Sorcerers
Bhaal A god known for the famous Amulet of Bhaal and served by a priesthood Keep of Skull Gorge
Bo Goddess of beauty Walled City of Darkness
Brynne Major goddess of the plane of air; sister of Weyren; goddess of wisdom, knowledge, and judgment; aligned lawful good; symbolized by a scroll; worshiped by sages and all classes of magic users; rumored to consort with Alaxar, a major source of friction between Alaxar and Weyren. Eamon Gazetteer
Dis The Destroyer, god of death and destruction Walled City of Darkness
Elemental gods Four unnamed gods of earth, air, fire, and water, who fought in the Muerte Sea; may be the same as some of the named gods. Journey Across the Muerte Sea
Fisic Guardian of well-being and healer of the sick Walled City of Darkness
Gruumsh An orcish god Valkenburg Castle
Gyx God of air Walled City of Darkness
H'oh God of water Walled City of Darkness
Kalimar A temple to Kalimar is in the vicinity of the lair of the Minotaur in Dunderhaven. The Lair of the Minotaur
Gods of Light and Darkness Gods worshipped at the White Temple and Black Temple in Shrine City. Redemption
Lumen Lord of light, patron god of the city of Lumen. Author Thomas Zuchowski notes that Lumen was inspired by Sun-Eyed Set, a god-like being in the novel Creatures of Light and Darkness by Roger Zelazny. Lumen is temporarily overthrown by the Nameless. Walled City of Darkness
Magon Magon's priestesses promise that worshipping the deity raises charisma The Lair of Mutants
Meteor God of weather Walled City of Darkness
Minden Major god of the plane of air; god of destiny; aligned to neutral; "he who maps the future planes"; his voice is fate and his trail as he walks is history; symbolized as a blind man inscribing entries in the Book of Ages; worshiped by adventurers and gamblers; takes no part in the internecine spats of the gods. Eamon Gazetteer
Mlat Major god of the plane of earth; god of evil lusts, carnal pleasures, and base human desires; aligned to chaotic evil; symbolized by the face of a wart hog; known for his avarice in seeking dominion over the other gods; worshiped by the self-centered and the morally corrupt. Eamon Gazetteer
Moridai Demigod of the plane of fire; resident spirit of the volcano on Burning Rock island; aligned to chaotic neutral. Eamon Gazetteer
The Nameless God of darkness Walled City of Darkness
Nektor God of the undead; associated with the demon Ngurct, the patron demon of exotic monsters. The Temple of Ngurct
Pashia God with a temple and worshippers on the Island of Apple The Lost Island of Apple
Phrax Major god of the plane of earth; god of the underworld and shepherd of the flocks of the dead; aligned to neutral; symbolized by a black willow tree or as a man in a burial shroud; worshiped by those who have dead relatives; shunned by the other gods due to his dour personality. Eamon Gazetteer
Salam God of fire Walled City of Darkness
Slug god A temple to the slug god lies beneath a ruined keep. Death's Gateway
Sylicat God of earth Walled City of Darkness
Tash A bird-headed god based on the deity of the same name from The Chronicles of Narnia. Priests at the Temple of Tash in Evenhold can resurrect dead adventurers. Super Eamon
Terza Major goddess of the plane of fire; daughter of Alaxar; goddess of purification through pain and sacrifice; the Desert of Endless Sorrows is her personal domain; symbolized by a whip or branding iron; aligned to lawful neutral; called mistress of the iron, chalice of inner strength, and defender of the true path; worshiped by some ascetic and monastic orders. Eamon Gazetteer
Vaprak Also called Vaprak the Destroyer; an evil demigod worshiped by ogres and trolls; appears as "an exceedingly horrid, mottled brown and green humanoid." The Caves of Mondamen
Weyren Major god of the plane of water; god of the seas; brother of Brynne; aligned chaotic neutral; ruler over all sea creatures; he is symbolized as a sea giant or as an octopus whose tentacles penetrate all seas; worshiped primarily by mariners and fishermen. Eamon Gazetteer

Minor powers

Beings beneath the level of deity include angels, demons, and other such spirits.

Name Description Source(s)
Baalzebul Archdevil of the sixth and seventh planes of Hell Death Trap
Demoniak Guardian of the Sorceror's Spire. Sorceror's Spire
Krell Arch-demon of the plane of fire; aligned to lawful evil; bound in service to Anharos by the will of Alaxar; symbolized as a jackal. Eamon Gazetteer
Ngurct Patron demon of exotic monsters; requires the regular sacrifice of human nonbelievers; associated with Nektor, god of the undead; his power is tied to a golden medallion; worshipped by a cult that occupied a ruined citadel in the mountains. The Temple of Ngurct
The Return of Ngurct
Demon of Trowsk Demon of the bridge; guardian of the Dimension of Dreams; has a head like a wild boar, with large tusks and a muscled crimson body Orb of My Life
Xanzig A demon of forgotten lore Death Trap
Yazarik A large yellowish demon Orb of My Life
Zylumik A greenish demon Orb of My Life

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