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The Mole Man is a villain created by John Nelson who appears in multiple Eamon adventures.


The Mole Man first appears in Assault on the Mole Man when rumblings from his underground lair in the nearby Marewood Forest attract the attention of the locals. When the adventurer goes to investigate he is pulled into the Mole Man's caverns and must battle the villain's many servants and mindless slaves. Nelson describes the Mole Man as "a very ugly looking man wearing some kind of special spectacles. He has a long staff in his hand, but appears to be blind."

The subsequent Revenge of the Mole Man sees the villain return, this time to pull the entire town of Sloborough into his underground lair. The Mole Man is revealed to be a master of electronics and robotics, having created a number of droids to serve him as well as a robotic doppleganger of himself.

In the December 1988 issue of the Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter, author Nathan Segerlind wrote his "In the Dungeon" column as a conversation between the characters of the Mole Man and the Burly Irishman.