Jermaine Munro

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Jermaine Munro
Class Human
Occupation Weapons trainer
Affiliation Guild of Free Rogues
Appearances SwordThrust

Jermaine Munro is a combat instructor who operates a small shop in the Main Hall of the Guild of Free Rogues on the world of Diurla, offering adventurers the chance to improve their fighting abilities for a fee. Munro appears only on the SwordThrust master disk and is the only SwordThrust vendor that creator Donald Brown didn't overtly base on an equivalent Eamon character.

Jermaine's equivalent in Eamon is Don Diego.

Function within the Guild

Jermaine provides training in any of the five basic weapon classes — axe, bow, club, spear, and sword — and for each weapon offers a choice of three courses. The beginner's course costs 100 gold and can increase weapon expertise up to five points above the beginning level. The advanced course (1000 gold) can increase expertise by up to 10 points.

The ultimate course costs 10,000 gold but has no limit on how much expertise the adventurer can gain. However, for each point of expertise it grants there is a danger that the adventurer's agility will be accidentally lowered by one. If agility drops to zero, the adventurer dies.

The number of points gained in each course varies based on the course level, agility, and random chance.

Personality and depiction

The SwordThrust Manual describes Jermaine as "one of the most successful female rogues until that encounter with the Satyr". (The later Softsmith version of the manual omits the satyr reference.)