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This is a Class B (silver star) article.

Worlds like Eamon and Earth are the setting for nearly all the adventures in the Eamon series. This page lists the named worlds that have appeared in, or have been described or mentioned in, publicly released sources.

Key worlds

The overwhelming majority of adventures in Eamon and SwordThrust take place on four key worlds:

  • Eamon. Approximately 210 adventures are set either largely or wholly on the world of Eamon, which is home to the Guild of Free Adventurers, the Main Hall, and a vast array of characters, monsters, castles, kingdoms, and more.
  • Earth. In more or less fictionalized ways, Earth is the primary setting of about 40 adventures that take place in sites ranging from North American cities to South American ruins to European capitals. Some are also set in Earth's past, its present, or its future.
  • Arda. This is the world created by J.R.R. Tolkien as the setting for his stories of Middle-earth including The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, and is the setting of 12 adventures in the Eamon corpus written by several different authors.
  • Diurla. Created by Donald Brown, Diurla is Eamon's equivalent in the SwordThrust universe and is the setting for 7 adventures.

Other worlds

Most other worlds appear or are mentioned only within the context of one or two adventures, and some are only identified by the star system in which they're located.

Worlds visited

The following worlds are seen or visited in the course of adventures:

Name Source(s) Description
Apollonia The Black Phoenix Human colony world in the 58th century, located in the Epsilon Indi system.
Bespin The City in the Clouds Gas planet in the Star Wars galaxy, home to the tibanna gas mine known as Cloud City.
Betelgeuse VII The Heart of Gold
The Final Frontier
The doomed world of Betelgeuse VII is the home of hitchhiker Ford Prefect.
Deneb III Eamon S.A.R.-1
The Final Frontier
Human-inhabited world in the distant future; site of a terrorist kidnapping by the Deneb Liberation Army.
Frogstar World B The Heart of Gold A desolate planet that in the very distant future becomes the site of Milliways restaurant.
Heaven Hammer's Slammers Inhabited world on which two religious factions fight for control of a holy city.
Mars The Sands of Mars
The Star Portal
Home to competing groups of Martians known as the Green Meanies and the Rowdy Reds, and the site of a mysterious portal.
Moon The Alien Intruder Earth's moon, site of American and Russian lunar bases in the near future.
Osiris 5 The Tomb of Razaak Home world of the interstellar Osirian Empire in ages past; now a primitive backwater.
Pokémon World Escape from Mt. Moon The adventure takes place in the Kanto region between Cerulean City and Pewter City.
Traal The Heart of Gold Home of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast.
Zagora Rhadshur Warrior Zagora is a parallel world to Eamon: identical in many ways, but "evil, twisted, and deadly."

Worlds mentioned

The following worlds feature in introductory text or are mentioned elsewhere, but are not actually visited during the course of any adventure:

Name Source(s) Description
Aldebaran FutureQuest
Alpha Centauri The Black Phoenix
Altair V FutureQuest II
Antares The Final Frontier
Arcturus The Final Frontier
Barnard's Star The Black Phoenix
Canopus The Final Frontier
Epsilon Eridani The Black Phoenix
Kruger 60 The Black Phoenix
Lacaille 9352 The Black Phoenix
Lalande 21185 The Black Phoenix
Luyten The Black Phoenix
Procyon The Black Phoenix
Rigel / Xylanth FutureQuest
The Final Frontier
Xylanth is a planet in the Rigel system
Shivanda The Black Phoenix
Sirius The Black Phoenix
The Final Frontier
Tau Ceti The Black Phoenix
Uranus FutureQuest Location of a major space battle
Varcar The Black Phoenix
Xanadon The Black Phoenix

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