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Mountains and hills on the world of Eamon are the setting of many Eamon adventures. Due to the diversity of contributors to the Eamon library, descriptions are not always consistent, and a majority of such features appear only in single adventures. This page lists the named mountains, ranges, peaks, and hills that have appeared in, or been described in, published sources.

Unless otherwise specified, distances and directions are from Evenhold.

Feature Description Source(s)
Black Mountain The Black Mountain has caves and tunnels used as a hideout by the criminal Black Bark and his gang; the cave entrance is on the mountain's southwest side. A tunnel on the south side also leads into the mountain, and a road leads back south to the Main Hall. Black Mountain
Mount Collapso Volcanic mountain with a sulfurous lake in its crater; home to a dragon and its treasure hoard. Redemption
Crystal Mountain Seat of power of the Crystal Kingdom, riddled with tunnels and caverns. Hidden valleys high in the mountain contain gardens, groves, and waterfalls. The road back to the Main Hall runs north from the mountain. Crystal Mountain
Cunnamulla Foothills Location of Vanavara Outpost, an abandoned fort. The Caverns of Vanavara
Eamon Bluff Seaside cliffs south of Evenhold; site of the Beginners Cave. Also called the Great Bluff. House on Eamon Ridge
Eamon Range Snow-capped mountains visible from the inn in Evenhold. Search for Mack
Mount Eilaak A peak near the small kingdom inhabited by Wrenhold the Pure. Wrenhold's Secret Vigil
Mount Everdes An extinct volcano in the Horn Belt. Riddles of the Duergar Kingdom
Great Mountains A mountain range that has on one side the New Kingdom, and on the other the site of the Old Kingdom of the Cyrak princes. The Curse of Talon
Gull's Eye Cliffs Rocky cliffs east of Behlos City that overlook the Dreamless Sea to the east. The Treachery of Zorag
Helstar Mountain Surrounded by foothills; its summit is the famous Helstar Peak. Likely somewhere east of Evenhold. Assault on Helstar
Hollow Mountain A series of caves and tunnels beneath the hills of Mansui. Caves of Hollow Mountain
Horn Belt A mountain range possibly northeast of Evenhold that includes the extinct volcano Mount Everdes Riddles of the Duergar Kingdom
Jarlschlager Mountains A mountain range east of Evenhold, site of the Duchy of Grunewalde. Eamon Gazetteer
Hills of Mansui Location of the entrance to the caves of Hollow Mountain. Caves of Hollow Mountain
Mountain Fortress A lone, foggy mountain with a fortress near its peak. A small road leads to the mountain: it runs east from the Main Hall, through pine forests, and to the mountain's western slopes. The Mountain Fortress
Sister Mountains Home to a kingdom of several villages and a mountain occupied by a dragon known as "the Master". The Mountain of the Master
Spartu Mountains A once wild area, now a beautiful and peaceful region. The Master's Dungeon
Mount Sunis Location of caves inhabited by the sage Marron, possibly north of the Main Hall. The Quest for Marron
Shadow Mountains A massive mountain range north of Behlos City; Old Mountain Road crosses it through the Pass of Karathas. Fellspawn Caverns lie beneath it; the Dead Forest is to the east. The Treachery of Zorag
Voormithadreth Mountains Mountains to the north containing the tomb of the creature Y'Golonac and home to the creature's cult. The Tomb of Y'Golonac
Wyveryn Mountains A mountain range whose northern foothills are covered in dry grasslands. Test Adventure