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Test Bench is an Eamon utility program written by John Nelson that allows the user to quickly test an adventure without having to go through the Main Hall. Nelson first published the program on the Utilities II diskette published by the NEUC, and it was later included on the EAG Utilities Disk published by the EAG. Test Bench is written in BASIC and was last modified 29 February 1984.

The program first asks if the user wishes to use the program's default adventurer attributes to test with. If so, the user can then put in an adventure diskette and begin playing. If not, the program prompts the user to enter values for hardiness, agility, charisma, spell abilities, and armor type. In both cases the test adventurer is named "Testor of Bench" and is equipped with a basic axe, bow, mace, and sword.

Advanced Bench

An enhanced version of the program called Advanced Bench, also by Nelson and last modified 2 August 1984, works identically to the original except that it allows the user to specify additional adventurer characteristics including name, armor expertise, and weapon expertises. The test adventurer is armed with a 1d4 standard mace, a 1d8 standard sword, and a special 2d8 sword named Excalibur. Advanced Bench is included on the EAG Utilities Disk.

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