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This is a Class B (silver star) article.

Structures on the world of Eamon, from castles and fortresses to houses, taverns, and other buildings.


Castles, citadels, keeps, towers, and other fortified structures.

Structure Description Source(s)
Black Castle Once the stronghold of Count Rovnart of Nagog, now "a huge, sinister, black ruin standing stark on the horizon." Many days' ride from the Main Hall. The Black Castle of NaGog
Blood Feud castle North of Evenhold; site of conflict between two feuding families. Blood Feud
Citadel of Blood "A huge castle that [stands] off quite a ways from town surrounded by a forest" The Citadel of Blood
Castle Charlast Home of King Charles of the Sicilians, located somewhere east of the Main Hall. Search for Mack
Castle of Doom A small round castle within a round wall, operated by a pair of elderly ladies who use it to give adventurers some excitement. The road back to the Main Hall leads north. Castle of Doom
Count Fuey's castle The Castle of Count Fuey
Baron Hador's castle The Castle of Count Fuey
Grimhold's Tower Tall tower north of the Foulwater Marshes, surrounded by the Blackwall. The Treachery of Zorag
Heroes Castle A castle possibly owned by a powerful businessman; location unspecified. Heroes Castle
Hogarth Castle A castle in the south part of Hogarth Town in Duneshire. Hogarth Castle
Ironcastle Military and industrial center of the kingdom of Graceland. Redemption
Ivory Castle A ruined castle in a dark forest north of the Main Hall. Home in years past to powerful wizard. The Ruins of Ivory Castle
Kildarin's Fortress Castle not far to the east of the Main Hall, known for its hospitality. The Infested Fortress
Castle Kophinos Once one of the most splendid houses in the land. The Castle Kophinos
Castle Logres Formerly known as Swamp Castle; a lichen-covered castle sinking into a swamp, captured and occupied by lizard people. Redemption
Mad Doctor's Castle A well-defended castle; location unknown. The Black Death
Castle Mantru Home of the evil wizard Crimson. The way back to the Main Hall is south. Castle Mantru
Merlin's Castle A castle somewhere west of the Main Hall. Merlin's Castle
Castle of Riveneta "A castle to the north of town which was abandoned by the royal government when the Queen Rivineta mysteriously died." Castle of Riveneta
Ruined citadel The "old ruin of a small citadel on a cliff overlooking a rarely used pass," inhabited by the Ngurct cult; possibly north of Evenhold. The Temple of Ngurct
Ruined castle keep Burnt ruins above a system of caverns and tunnels. Death's Gateway
Sorceror's Spire A tall tower set against a cliff face; possibly located north; home to a school for magical education and mystical research. Sorceror's Spire
Twin Castles Castles that are home to the rulers of rival kingdoms, the two connected by a north-south road. Good King Escher's castle is south; wicked King Vathek's castle is north. The Twin Castles
Valkenburg Castle Castle in Valkenburg owned by Lord Hobart. Taken over in the 532nd year by the evil sorcerer Draxnehr and liberated by the adventurer. A stream south of the castle flows toward the Main Hall. Valkenburg Castle

Inns and taverns

Structure Description Source(s)
Beat Hotel A hotel in Interzone; its lobby is "shabby, yet somehow stylish." Adventure in Interzone
Black Horse Tavern Dark and smoky tavern in Behlos City frequented by the working class. The Treachery of Zorag
The Cauldron The name of a tavern in the New Kingdom, and of one in the capital of the Northwest Kingdom. Redemption, Banana Republic
Crow's Nest A fancy tavern on Captain's Walk in the more affluent northern portion of Evenhold's harbor district. Buccaneer!
Dark Horse Tavern The Sword of Inari
Dewdrop Inn An inn in Evenhold just north of the Main Hall, the opposite side of the hall from the village entrance. The adventurer's lodgings are in "a dumpy little room overlooking the street." Graphics Master
Drunken Widow A small tavern in the town of Oigres. Attack of the Kretons
Gobs of Fun A seedy tavern in Evenhold's harbor district. Buccaneer!
Great Griffin Tavern The local social hall for a distant town. Edgar's Adventures
Green Dragon A local tavern where an expedition to the Valley of Death assembled. The Valley of Death
Golden Dragon A tavern in Evenhold operated by Malrik the bartender. The Forbidden City
Good Cheer Inn An inn situated near the harbor in the capital of Dorier. Eye of Agamon
Half Moon Tavern A tavern on the south side of the town square in Grunewalde. Grunewalde
Howling Wyvern "A large, boisterous place" in Tradetown in the New Kingdom. Redemption
IXL Tavern A real 1980s tavern at the corner of 1st Avenue and Vine Street in Seattle, Washington. Modern Problems
Leaky Bilge A seedy tavern in Evenhold's harbor district. Buccaneer!
The Parade A tavern in Interzone, with entry through a sturdy locked door. Adventure in Interzone
Prancing Unicorn Tavern in the city of Lumen that serves fine beer. Walled City of Darkness
Sailor's Delight A "grog shop" near the southern end of Anchor Way in the harbor district of Evenhold. Buccaneer!
Tar Pits A seedy tavern along Scuppers Alley in the harbor district of Evenhold. Buccaneer!
Trollsfire Pub Dimly-lit, smoky pub in Behlos City with poor quality ale. The Treachery of Zorag
The Windmill A tavern in the New Kingdom. Redemption


Structure Description Source(s)
Gartin Manor A manor house owned by one of the adventurer's friends; location unspecified. Gartin Manor
Granite Hall Home of the arch-mage Ajakstu. Location unspecified; exit from the hall leads north. Escape from Granite Hall
House of Ill Repute A brothel south of the Main Hall. House of Ill Repute
Mattimoe Palace A large green boarding house north of the Main Hall in Evenhold. The Mattimoe Palace
The Senator's house Home of the Senator; "a lonely edifice far from other buildings or people,". The road back to the Main Hall leads west. The Senator's Chambers


Structure Description Source(s)
Temple of the Guild A place of training and entertainment operated by the Guild of Free Adventurers. It's a long and boring journey from the Main Hall, at a site chosen for its remoteness. Temple of the Guild
Temple of the Trolls In woods possibly to the north Temple of the Trolls
Temple of Xim Possibly east of the main hall Priests of Xim!


Structure Description Source(s)
Adventurers Guild Main Hall A large structure in Evenhold that serves as the starting location for nearly all Eamon adventures. Various
Bandits Guild Main Hall A lavish structure in the town of Frukendorf; headquarters of the Bandits Guild. A Runcible Cargo
Eamon University An institution in or near Evenhold; the physicist Professor Thomias X. Larkspur conducts his research there. Museum of Unnatural History
Mayhem Inc. Building "A favorite supplier for adventurers with a little dough"; in Evenhold across the street from a pub. The Valley of Death
Museum of Natural History A natural history museum in Evenhold, located on the corner of First Street and Main Hall Avenue and once briefly transported to another dimension. Museum of Unnatural History
Science Institute Located "north of Eamon Town". The Time Portal