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The bar, sometimes also called the tavern, is an establishment in the Main Hall of the Guild of Free Adventurers in Evenhold that serves drinks to adventurers and other members and visitors to the guild. It's frequented by the adventurer and conversations in the bar feature in the introductions to many adventures.

In adventures

In masters

Though it doesn't include it as a feature, the original Eamon master by Donald Brown mentions the bar as the hangout of resident wizard Hokas Tokas, and also notes that the men and women carousing in Main Hall's outer chamber are "guzzling beer", presumably from the bar.

Frank Black's Eamon Deluxe shows the bar as a rectangular, U-shaped area situated in the open central area of the Main Hall, a depiction consistent with the earlier Graphics Main Hall by Rick Volberding. The bar is surrounded on three sides by stools; the north side is a desk occupied by the Burly Irishman.

Super Eamon separates the bar into two separate areas: a tavern in the northwest corner, and a bar just east of (and connected to) the Main Hall, accessible either through the Guild offices or from the side alley.