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Not to be confused with Practice Area.

The Training Arena is a site east of the Main Hall in Evenhold, accessible from the Side Alley, where adventurers may go to train in combat and improve their armor and weapon abilities. The arena appears only in Super Eamon, a graphical variant of Eamon created by Paul Van Bloem and published in 1985 by Little Green Software.


According to the Super Eamon Manual the arena is operated by a man named Whitey O'Thraight who collects monsters and keeps them in a preserve elsewhere on Eamon, with extra specimens being brought to the arena for combat practice. At any given time O'Thraight has available three varieties of monster for the adventurer to choose from, and for each bout charges a price ranging from several hundred to several thousand gold pieces, plus a 500 GP deposit that he returns if the trainee survives without needing to be resuscitated.

There are at least 20 different monsters that can appear in O'Thraight's stock: Baby Bolos, Barrel Mimics, Big Blues, Black Puddings, Chanel Mists, Crimson Dragons, Deadly Doorknobs, Gluey Elmers, High Wizards, Houseplants, Killer Bunnys, Mad Agents, Mr Sluggos, Muckmoods, Nonvisibles, Red Yucks, Revenooers, Senses Takers, Vermicious Knids, and Yellow Pages.

The single image of the arena suggests it has an open central area for the trainees to operate, surrounded by stadium-style seats from which spectators can watch the matches.