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Not to be confused with Training Arena.

The Practice Area or Practice Yard is an area near the Main Hall in Evenhold where adventurers may go to improve their magic and combat abilities. The area first appeared in the Graphics Master by Rick Volberding and was later included in Eamon Deluxe by Frank Black.


The Practice Yard is situated south of the village square, on the opposite side from the Main Hall. The Eamon Deluxe Player's Manual gives the following description:

South of the village is the "practice yard". It is located slightly away from the other businesses, so that the sound of clanging weapons and magic sonic blasts won't interfere with the more peaceful activities of its neighbors too much. In this practice yard can be found teachers, skilled in the various adventuring arts, who are ready to help you increase your skills — for a large fee, of course.

In the middle of the yard lies the info booth. Nobody is exactly sure what the shady character who runs it does, other than directing the more obtuse adventurers to the different trainers available. It is rumored, though, that he also has information about hidden valuables which he may offer to share. For a price.

The teachers are:

  • The Mystic, whose shop is in the northwest corner of the yard. He offers training that improves the ability to successfully cast each of the four basic spells.
  • Don Diego who offers weapons training at his shop in the southwest corner. The man at the information booth describes Diego as an excellent instructor and says his school is quite popular.
  • The Friendly Giant who gives fighting lesson that improve the student's armor expertise.