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This article is about the fantasy creature. For the Dungeons & Dragons periodical, see Dragon (magazine).

A dragon is a monster that features in many Eamon adventures and is one of the strongest and most dangerous adversaries that adventurers regularly encounter.


Dragons are one of the most repeated monsters, appearing in nearly one hundred adventures.

Adventure Description
The Zyphur Riverventure Large fire-breathing dragon with red scales
The Magic Kingdom Small fire-breathing dragon (nine feet tall), similar to one in a mural in the Main Hall
The Tomb of Molinar Huge snake-like dragon
The Caves of Treasure Island Huge red dragon relaxing in a tub of lava
Heroes Castle Large, green, fire-breathing dragon guarding a castle's treasure
Merlin's Castle Large, red, fire-breathing dragon with small wings
Death Trap Large black dragon
Death Trap Black dragon
Death Trap Blue dragon
Death Trap Rare white dragon, a vicious and seldom-seen breed
Death Trap Baby dragon (~600 pounds) with a bluish tint
Black Mountain Beautiful white dragon guarding a treasure
The Lost Island of Apple A very small dragon ("by dragon standards")
The Underground City Old female dragon guarding three dragon eggs
Alternate Beginners Cave,
A Trip to Fort Scott
A tiny flying dragon made of diamond
Priests of Xim! A baby dragon
SwordQuest Ferocious fire-breathing dragon, bigger than the one in Heroes Castle
Lifequest Two small dragons
Lifequest Two more small dragons
The Devil's Dungeon A brass-colored fire-breating dragon named Fido
Crystal Mountain Young red fire-breathing dragon, 30 feet tall
Valkenburg Castle Large red fire-breathing dragon with wings
The School of Death Large white dragon
Dungeon of Xenon Huge dragon, pet of Xenor
Chaosium Caves Red fire-breathing dragon
The Smith's Stronghold Large white dragon with wings
The Search for Yourself Dragon with thick red scales
The Rescue Mission Huge hungry dragon
Castle of Riveneta Huge grey dragon with black teeth and fiery breath
Castle Mantru Very young gold dragon
Caves of Hollow Mountain Large golden dragon, 12 feet taller than the adventurer
Caves of Hollow Mountain Large blue dragon, injured and missing most of its scales
Superfortress of Lin Wang An "oriental dragon" of formidable size and strength
The Chamber of Dragons Very small dragon
The Chamber of Dragons Gold dragon
The Chamber of Dragons Red dragon
The Chamber of Dragons Green dragon
The Chamber of Dragons Black dragon
The Chamber of Dragons "Nasty" dragon
The Chamber of Dragons Pink dragon
The Chamber of Dragons Copper-colored dragon
The Chamber of Dragons Silver dragon
The House of Secrets Golden dragon
The Last Dragon Old female with golden scales
The Last Dragon Male hatchling with bronze scales
The Last Dragon Female hatchling with green scales
The Mines of Moria Huge red dragon
The Forest of Fear Large green dragon in Mirkwood
Fire Island Immense blue dragon, at least 100 feet tall
Fire Island Small green dragon kept as a pet
The Life-Orb of Mevtrelek Small water dragon; has vestigial wings and can swim
The Life-Orb of Mevtrelek Large dragon guarding a treasure
Thror's Ring The great dragon Mograf
The Iron Prison Ancalagon the Black, "the largest dragon that ever lived"
Quest of Erebor Smaug, a flying, fire-breathing dragon with red scales
Pyramid of the Ancients Draco, a vile-smelling dragon 65 feet long and 15 feet wide
The Mountain Fortress A water-dwelling sea dragon
Starfire Huge black dragon
Elemental Apocalypse All-white dragon that exhales blast of ice
Elemental Apocalypse Red dragon with wings
The Computer Club of Fear "The Wonderful World of Eamon's most popular monster is here - a dragon."
The Computer Club of Fear Puff the Mean Dragon
Lost! Puff the Magic Dragon, "a large red behemoth of a reptile."
The Lake Anglacion, a great black dragon
The Pathetic Hideout of Mr. R. Mauve dragon; huge but badly hung-over
The Lair of Mr. Ed Puce dragon; terrible breath
Eamon v7.0 Demo Adventure Red dragon with fiery breath
Storm Breaker Huge dragon of terrifying power
Expedition to the Darkwoods An immense bronze dragon
The Pyramid of Cheops Black dragon
The Mountain of the Master "The Master", a huge dragon guarding an egg
The Creature of Rhyl White dragon
Quest of the Crystal Wand Fire-breathing dragon
Lotto's Masterpiece Guams, the meanest dragon you've ever seen
Sanctuary Two small dragons, a large black one, and a giant red one
Curse of the Hellsblade Fierce black dragon with glowing gold eyes
Treasure Island Huge fire-breathing dragon
Return to Pendrama An animate dragon skeleton
The Halls of the Adept Gulis, a dragon of clear crystal, ridden by Chrysilar
Adventure in Interzone Tyranthraxus, a huge gold-colored dragon
Keep of Skull Gorge Large copper dragon with wings as wide as a house
Keep of Skull Gorge Baby dragon
Fiends of Eamon Shantieka, a huge dragon with gleaming scales
Sagamore Evil black dragon
The Dragon of Aldaar A dragon and a dragonette
Quest for the Fire Dragon Beautifully colored gold and red dragon
The Prism of Shadows An ancient "blood dragon"
Dawn of the Warlock A Harobym, "one of the many meaner cousins of the dragon"
Redemption Blog the dragon
Banana Republic
Cronum's Castle Black dragon
Journey Across the Muerte Sea Sea dragon
The Adventurer's General Store Tiamat, a chromatic dragon with five heads
Assault on the Clone Master Large red dragon bound in chains


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