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Northland is a continent on the world of Eamon that is the setting of Elemental Apocalypse by Sam Ruby. The continent is north or northeast of Grancasa and likely borders the North Ocean.

In Ruby's story the adventurer departs from the northern city of Andport, but when their sailing ship is damaged by a storm they drift aimlessly for several days and finally wash up on the western shore of a distant and unknown continent that the adventurer dubs Northland. The language spoken by the inhabitants is very similar to the adventurer's, possibly due to a shared ancestry with the people of Grancasa.

The dominant nation in Northland is the North Kingdom, a federation consisting of the states of Sayhar, Tredland, and Southaven, plus three sparsely inhabited territories and a few smaller areas. Some minor nations occupy the southern portion of the continent south of the North Kingdom. To the east of the kingdom are the "Wild Lands", bordered on the east by a range of mountains, which for many years was the home of a society of goblins. Beyond the mountains in the far east is the Hidden Valley, once the home of a group of powerful mages who invaded Northland from somewhere farther east.