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Bahyrst is an extinct community in the world of Eamon described in The Vile Grimoire of Jaldi'al, an Eamon adventure by Michael Penner. It was once a thriving agricultural village and was the birthplace of the infamous sorcerer Jaldi'al Dhassei whose wealthy family owned a compound in Bahyrst. One morning Jaldi'al, who had dedicated himself to studying dark and dangerous magic, cast a spell that either deliberately or accidentally banished many of the villagers to endless limbo, after which the enraged survivors stormed his compound and killed him. Jaldi'al (along with his grimoire) was buried in a nearby cemetery and the town was abandoned and reclaimed by the dense forest that surrounded it.

The range of burial dates in the town's cemetery suggests the location was inhabited for at least 600 years.

Bahryst is located several days' travel northeast of the northern trading outpost of Geldhaven. Other communities in the area include Banner Elk and possibly Crystalbay.