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Knieriem is a land on the world of Eamon located far from Evenhold, introduced by author Keith Dechant as the setting of his 2017 Eamon adventure Assault on the Clone Master. Its capital is Knieriem City.

The inhabitants of Knieriem are technologically advanced, with the ability to construct "towering cities" and "wondrous metal vehicles and flying machines powered by the most exquisite clockwork." Trains pulled by steam-powered locomotives traverse parts of the country.

Knieriem is not a small land: reaching its mountainous borders from Knieriem City takes two days by rail plus four more days by airship. Steam ships departing from the harbor at Knieriem City travel to the Kingdom of Evenhold or its vicinity and may connect to other parts of Eamon. Named locations possibly within Knieriem include Northampton and Nickelton.