Shadow Wall

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The Shadow Wall is a magical, cloud-like wall that stretches across parts of Eamon, first seen in Hoyle Purvis's adventure Demongate and later revisited in his Return to Pendrama.

The wall appears as a massive, looming barrier of dark clouds with swirls of green and purple that "flicker like a will-o-the-wisp", and stretches high enough above the landscape to be visible from miles away. Though it's not impermeable, moving through the wall is daunting: the thick clouds make breathing difficult and impart a sense of dread and loneliness. The clouds begin to thin after only a short distance but the landscape behind the wall is drained of life: the sun appears weak and the vegetation withered and sickly.

The adventurer's friend Lorin states that the wall first appeared "a few years ago, when the Darklord began his reign of terror," and it's assumed that it was erected by the Darklord himself, likely to separate or protect the territory he had conquered.

The wall runs east-to-west about a mile north of the Abbey of Light and a mile or so south of the ruined city of Pendrama. How far it stretches is unknown.