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Tornio is a walled city on Eamon that is the setting for Matthew Clark's adventure The Sword of Inari. The city's largest structure is its cathedral which has tall towers and an "incredibly immense" nave; other establishments seen in the adventure include the Dark Horse Tavern and Inn, a leatherworker, a blacksmith, a wheelwright, and a stable.

Tornio is protected by Royal Guards who use the ringing of a bell at the cathedral to notify the city of an emergency. The cathedral was once occupied by a violent religious set dedicated to exploiting the magical energies of the Sword of Inari until the sword was recovered by the adventurer.

Clark describes the city of Tornio as the capital of a "distant kingdom" located "somewhere in the land of Eamon". Its distance and direction from Evenhold is unspecified; it's likely in the same general area as the ancient and ruined land of Tasavalta.