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Virrat is a duchy within the Kingdom of Evenhold whose principal settlement is Virrat City, located in an agricultural region three days' travel west from the Main Hall in Evenhold. The duchy once fell under the influence of the Cobalt Front, a zealous anti-magic movement based in Nival, but they were later driven out by the Duke and his forces with help from the adventurer. The duchy is the setting of Malleus Maleficarum by Keith Dechant.

Virrat City is built along the Tovesi River, with the main plaza, cathedral, prison, and the Duke's palace all in the larger portion of the city north of the river; also on the north bank of the river is Water Street and several businesses including the Blue Heron inn and tavern, a blacksmith, and a stable. The portion of Virrat City south of the river is more residential, with homes, a park, and small shops for weapons and magic items lining Main Street and Harvest Street.

In addition to Virrat City, the duchy also contains the small farming community of Lieto (west-northwest of the capital) and perhaps others, as well as a ruined castle to the west-southwest.